Monday, December 1, 2014

On Hypnotism and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

This is going to seem bizarre... and it is. But, it's a true story (and a long story, give yourself some time for this one).

Years ago I was living in Tucson, AZ, working for Interim Corporation. A position opened up that allowed me to move to Las Vegas so I happily took it. I was extremely over-worked: 80-90 hours a week, on salary of $30,000 a year. It got old fast and I eventually moved on. I ended up taking a part-time job at The Psychic Eye book shop on Tropicana. This was 1999 to the best of my recollection.

While at the Psychic Eye I met Jennifer Johnson. For reasons that wouldn't come clear for more than a decade, I instantly fell for her. She was a hypnotist and psychic and she had targeted me for an atrocious turn of events.

The first time I met Jennifer I didn't particularly like her. Concerning dating, I really didn't find Jennifer attractive in any way: she was loud, forceful, and boisterous, she was very over-weight [which made a difference to me at the time], she was single and had a 7-year old daughter [which made a difference at the time], and she was overbearing. She was not someone I would have considered dating. But, seemingly without justification, I asked her if she wanted to go out with me. She quickly arranged a sitter for her daughter and we had a date for the next evening.

I don't remember the date... I do remember one moment though: she asked if she could hypnotize me. I was naive and trusting and I said yes.

The next eight months would be a blur. I still don't have much recollection of what I did during that time save for a few smatterings of odd situations.

Soon after our first "date" I was happily helping Jennifer, at midnight, move her stuff out of an apartment and into a moving truck, and the next morning from that moving truck into my apartment! I have one memory, and only one memory, of that morning: Jennifer sitting on my couch watching TV while I moved load after load of her things into my home. I was sweating and breathing hard and the one thing I remember is her bellowing at me that she had a bad back and how dare I stop working to criticize her inability to help, making her feel worse about not being able to help. She never had "a bad back" after that day.

The next eight months were a blur. I could write a book about what I remember now, but at the time I was a mindless automaton doing her bidding, cooking her meals, and signing my paycheck over to her.

For eight months Jennifer had me telling stories from my past, which she would then alter to make my life a horrid failure - my memories filled with regretful actions, a sad lonely childhood, and a (apparently) new belief that I had multiple personalities. I would find out that Hypnosis allows easy access to memory and with Jennifer's expertise she made me into a an entirely new person. She had assigned various personalities to me which she could switch at will with a key word or phrase.

Luck smiled upon me one time when an off-duty co-worker witnessed me go through a transition in front of an ice cream store. Jennifer was showing off her latest toy - an absolutely fearsome "me" - to her friend. I switched from Bodhi, a fun-loving surfer mentality, to the fierce protector. When Jennifer said the key word I switched personalities and ran-off the friend of ours. I chased him and followed him, not remembering I knew him, threatening to kick his ass. I still remember the rage. The following week the person from my job asked me about the situation to which I replied a canned response, set by Jennifer, about how I was practicing for a show. The woman from my job didn't seem to buy it but I was unable to recall any of the ice cream store scene in that current personality.

I eventually escaped Jennifer's control and hopped on a Greyhound bus to Maryland where I would live with my sister Judi. But that physical escape wasn't enough.
Enter "post-hypnotic suggestions".

One of Jennifer's greatest accolades was creating responses to events which hadn't happened yet, called post-hypnotic suggestions [PHS]. There are many, many things I'll share concerning this but I will focus on just one for this post because it offers a direct proof of post-hypnotic suggestions in action.

This Las Vegas situation happened around 1999-2000 but this particular post-hypnotic suggestion came to fruition in 2012. Jennifer had searched for future events that could trigger me so she had me relate events to my 25th high school reunion, a decade in the future. Here's the story...

I went to Santa Clara High School and graduated in 1986. Jennifer, in 2000, had me recall my high school days and asked if I knew anyone who was gay. I didn't know but I remember mentioning Chris Hall. She had me recall a specific experience of Chris. I remembered unlocking my bicycle after school one day and Chris was being picked up by some friends in a car.

Jennifer changed this inane after-school event to the following un-true situation. Instead of unlocking my bike I decided to go with Chris and the people in the car. Jennifer implanted the false memory that while riding in the car I wanted to show them my penis, and when I had, I offered to give Chris a blow job. This never happened and I hardly knew Chris but the story was created to allow a future post-hypnotic suggestion [PHS] to come into play.

Before my 25th high school reunion, in real life 2012 I became triggered by the post hypnotic suggestion, I sat down at my computer and tried to find Chris Hall on Facebook. I was successful and in chatting with him I brought up the event in the car (which I believed was a true memory). He didn't remember that event (obviously) but said he in fact was gay and wondered if I was back then. We got into a conversation, which I don't actually remember now because I had been forced into "Greg", a personality which is gay - very flamboyantly gay and an activist for gay rights, etc. I carried on a conversation with Chris, typing on Facebook chat, about a typical clothing choice I wore in high school: khakis and a long-sleeved, light blue polo shirt, with beige top-siders. [yes, my parents paid for my clothes and that was actually in style back then.. ugh]. Chris and I laughed about it.

During the conversation on Facebook (with my Greg personality) Chris found out I was gay (not in actuality but while in the Greg personality I believed I was). I wasn't "out" so he and I decided we would wear matching outfits, the very same khakis, blue shirt, and topsiders (part of the post-hypnotic suggestion) and that I would come out during my 25th High School Reunion! I made sure to tell him to call me Greg at the high school reunion. Someone calling me by name, as Greg, could trigger the personality to come into play.

The evening of the High School Reunion I was getting dressed and actually started looking for khakis and a blue shirt! My wife wondered what the heck I was doing, because I would NEVER wear something like that currently. I laughed it off, my head swimming, and decided on black pants and a black shirt.

That night at the High School Reunion I saw Chris Hall - standing there in his khakis, blue shirt, and top-siders. He looked hilariously out-of-place in the dated garb and it struck me funny that he looked exactly like how I did in high school. He walked up to me and said "Greg!"... I was caught off guard by this. I looked at him for a moment, a little confused as the PHS had a chance to engage. He said "greg?"...

fortunately I had dealt with Jennifer's wrath for many years and had been able to recognize the false memories on occasion. Although I faltered for a moment, confused, I said "Jay, my name's Jay".

Chris said, "Is there something you wanted to say to everyone?". I was confused and a little weary, unsure why I was feeling so weird. I didn't know what he was talking about so he referred to the facebook chat we had. I didn't remember it at all (because I wasn't currently in the Greg personality, and the "Greg!" key word hadn't caused me to switch). He said, "Did you change your mind?" to which I again was confused. He said "didn't you want to come out at the reunion?". I told him I wasn't gay but I'd be happy to support him if he wanted to. He declined as he'd been out for many years and many people from SCHS knew that about him.

We ordered a drink and it arrived quickly. It was an open roof-top patio filled with our high school reunionees. When we got our drinks we sat down and engaged in conversation with two women whom we knew. Chris outwardly stated that I was "his first"... I was more shocked than mortified by this, that I didn't know my past and my having messed-up memories had become normal, a decade post-Jennifer. I cautiously said, "'your first' has a kind of sexual connotation. I don't quite follow.." Chris said, "well you weren't my first, but you were the first person I came out to." I sorta flipped out I guess because I quickly knocked his drink to the ground, as if some deep instinctive survival mechanism kicked in! [not that being gay would be an issue, but rather because I was in a situation where people could discern that I had a serious mental issue.] I quickly jumped up and offered to leave and get him a new drink, "Scotch, right?"

Chris left to clean up and get another drink. I was dumbfounded and felt utterly dazed by this odd turn of events, feeling slightly familiar as the PHS kept trying creep in. One of the women, whom I felt comfortable with, said precisely this, "It's ok, that was really uncomfortable; I would have knocked his drink down too!". I told her I was feeling a little confused and she said the most wonderful thing to me, "Hey Jay, I know you. You're safe here. Just kick back and we'll talk about something else." I was relieved. I felt happy in my all black outfit, confident with my self, remembering my shy high school days and how much I'd changed. I enjoyed the evening and had more conversations with Chris and many others. Nothing more was said about the strange events, the funny clothes, or the drink on the floor.
More things happened at that reunion but I'll refrain from sharing at this time.

I have been utterly amazed at the power of Hypnotism. To be entirely honest I still don't know if I have always had Dissociative Identity Disorder and had good control over it, or that I am just more able to slip into sub-personalities that are a normal part of our lives, at least according to one of my Philosophical heroes, Roberto Assagioli and his exceptional Psychosynthesis theory.

I'm still making progress in understanding myself. I live a happy stable life with my wife, Anne, and my daughter Caitlyn. I'm not sure yet what I'll do about Jennifer's deeds - imagine telling ~that~ story in Court!

Please don't ever let anyone hypnotize you unless you truly trust them deep down to have full access to your mind!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Balance

attachment is my surfboard and freedom the ocean
we can ride in style or dive back in for a swim
I am but a figment of a god's imagination
flowing in life and life and life, time to time
reveling in the power of Just Awareness
detaching labels and purifying karmic ties

On Balance.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

personal update

The last year and four months I've been dealing with a shoulder injury, surgery, a re-injury at physical therapy, another surgery, and also nerve issues and additional problems with my shoulder, neck, and upper arm. I accept it, look forward to getting better, and have a great support system when I don't even want to move.

I would like you to "stay tuned"; even if I don't write everyday I think, feel, and live everyday. I'll share the big stuff when possible even if I'm unable to write everyday.

Warm regards,

Jay Bland

p.s. If you like, feel free to add me on facebook. I'm on there more days than not. Although Enlightened Musings is waay out there I don't generally share things this philosophical in nature on facebook. I do tend to share spiritual things though and would be happy to answer questions generated by the content on this blog.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Interconnected World: Evolution, Revolution, or Resolution?

Our way of physical life, as has been for tens of thousands of years, is beginning to be replaced by a computerized network of information. This is fully recognized by a very few people as most simply trudge along as though computerizing our lives is totally normal. We plug our calendars into the internet, our daily alarms, our location, our private texts, our work history, everything you could possibly list can likely be tracked in some way or another. But what happens to this information? why is it so valuable? what's at stake?

The information that makes our world IS our world. We live primarily in a physical place but every tiny aspect of our world is an arrangement of minute quantized particles with a purpose. It is these purposes that make the world go around - we create purposes and hopefully remember to check in with our innate wisdom and intuition once in a while (although Marketing, Government, Religion, Banking, Big Agriculture, The Media, etc will do most anything to keep you out of harmony with your intuition.)

Buddha Shakyamuni said:
"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughtswe make the world."

Throughout this blog I've slowly become more adept at saying our mind resides in the Astral realm, and above, while our physical body resides here on Earth. The connections from our mind to our brain happen at the synapse, communicating the attributes of both the physical and the astral so our body has choice, a perception of individuality, (perception of) physicality, life, etc.

When we die our mind remains interactive (although with a different, much more broad definition of "life"). Our physical body dies off and the tiny particles of purpose gradually dissolve back into Nature. This is relevant because it indicates Buddha's above statement is valid, and also further establishes the dual-plane model of existence I've been developing here.

If the meaning or purpose of life is to interact with and manipulate Karma then any form of life should be able to get that done to one extent or another. Our current physical bodies last up to around 120 years maximum right now. In one of those lifetimes we evolve a lot and handle many obstacles and purposes, making us more adept at handling more Karma. I don't currently have in mind how we can measure that life experience but the idea is that we accomplish a specific range of experiences in any given lifetime. Some handle more, some less, but we have a general idea of how much someone handles in a given lifetime.

If we could plug our mind into a cloud computer and just go with it imagine how many millions of times more experience we could do in 120 years.

We evolved from various chemicals and amino acids to see and feel, to experience hunger, we developed survival instincts, and eventually made it out of the sea and onto land. With each passing millennium we each were able to handle more and more karma, more complex thought. The evolution of physical life on Earth has constantly gotten more capable of reaching the astral mind and handling more karma.

The next step is physical thought at computer speeds. A false Astral mind to decide our lives for us. THIS begs some serious questions.
Is this good for life?
Is this a complete tyranny by those who design the internet medium?
Can we attain the higher realms (Astral, Heaven, God realms, Enlightenment) if we allow our mental processes to be governed by a computer system?

The next plane being created, the interconnected world, is a sub-plane of the physical. It is focused more on mental occupation than what we have now; this could be beneficial or malignant.

I believe "with our minds we create the world". We are currently running the risk of this new world being yet another despotic slave world in utter tyranny, simply working off bad Karma. We need to take action and purposefully create the connections to the Astral mind and the higher planes so this new interconnected bio-computer system may thrive in peace and balance.

Some random speculation on our future:
1) Our computers and systems will allow us to live "lives worth of Karma" in an instant, learning to use true Astral Wisdom algorithms rather than by physical memory comparisons as we do now. This comparatively-instantaneous satisfaction of Karma would mean the end of the physical world as we know it as all sentient beings would no longer engender the Karma of living here.
(continuation of life in some form; higher)

Or, 2)
Our computers will track every last detail of our thoughts and actions, ultimately becoming so proficient at predicting the behavior of the masses that the bio-computer system itself will gain recognition of Self, literally being a god-like individual knowing all things in real time.
(continuation of life in some form, likely end to Humanity)

Or, 3)
Our computer system allows instant cessation of life by means of perfection of knowledge. This would be the end of Humanity as we know it and likely lead to mass death and destruction, but also allowing many souls to cross over to the Astral mind.
(continuation of life in some form, highly spiritually beneficial (though most people would disagree for the obvious reason that we're all dead..))

Or, 4)
We strive to bring a normal physical balance to our planet using the interconnective computers to enhance our physical lives rather than to allow utter greed and abusive slavery by a few in power.

But... there will always be struggles for power whenever the perception of individuality remains. If we are in physical form we will always fight for freedom of thought.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

draft notes pre-astral (published as is 04Oct14, from 10 days ago or so)

Buddhist Dictionary
anywhen: similar to anywhere, which we can picture in our mind's eye, but a Buddha can do the same with time: anywhen.

Advanced Metaphysical Ideas (feel free to skip it if it's not your thing).

Long before there was a "we", when Life resided two planes above our current understanding of Here and Now:

When we named the vibration-wave nodes we created the astral and physical planes, making the full spectra of emotions available: including a sense of individuality and a sense of need, The entire evolution and purpose of Life is determined by how we interact with karma; will we add more positive or negative, will we suffer more and reduce the overall Karmic debt, will we purposefully create pain and suffering?

The entire evolution and purpose of Life is determined by how we interact with karma; will we add more positive or negative, will we suffer more and reduce the overall Karmic debt, will we purposefully create pain and suffering?

Evolution created modern homo Sapiens with our computers and invisible waves connecting everything. We are on a path to complete interconnection of all information, "real-time".
Power is defined as the capability to influence the karmic balance. Remember the Karmic balance is not only the physical world and its power players, but many planes more historic.

When we created time we started on the road to the next plane to be formed: the creation of a virtual interconnection of information, a sub-plane to the physical. When we created this interconnection sub-plane we allowed the final stitch. After no-more-than four generations of humans we will see the splitting of the two main planes, the physical and the interconnection plane. The physical will be to the interconnection plane what the astral is to the physical now.

Advanced Metaphysical Ideas

Setting: Long before there was a "we", when Life flourished two planes above our current understanding of Here and Now.

When we named the vibration-wave nodes we created the astral and physical planes, making the full spectra of emotions available: including a sense of individuality and a sense of need, The entire evolution and purpose of Life is determined by how we interact with karma; will we add more positive or negative, will we suffer more and reduce the overall Karmic debt, will we purposefully create pain and suffering?

The entire evolution and purpose of Life is determined by how we interact with karma; will we add more positive or negative, will we suffer more and reduce the overall Karmic debt, will we purposefully create pain and suffering?

Evolution created modern homo Sapiens with our computers and invisible waves connecting everything. We are on a path to complete interconnection of all information, "real-time".
Power is defined as the capability to influence the karmic balance. Remember the Karmic balance is not only the physical world and its power players, but many planes more historic.

When we created the idea of time, with clocks, dates, seasons, years, we started on the road to the next plane to be formed: the creation of a virtual interconnection of information, a sub-plane to the physical. When we created this interconnection sub-plane we allowed the final stitch. After no-more-than four generations of humans we will see the splitting of the two main planes, the physical and the interconnection plane. The physical will be to the interconnection plane what the astral is to the physical now.

Enlightened Musing - 4 Oct 2014

Enlightened Musing - 4 Oct 2014

I'm really "out there" at the moment, in a very pure meditative (and medicated) state. I think of any random question that I've ever wondered over my life and the answers flow into me like a silent video in my astral mind (mind's eye). If I need to know more, or specific details, I just know them in the exact instant I thought of the need; they appear in different forms from conversations I was involved in but had left the group, "fact and number ideas" like the functions behind the answers but not encyclopedic knowledge.

I have these flows of pureness frequently if I let myself go there or purposefully enhance it with legal medicinal plants. sidenote on drug use later - if I get all analytical I'll lose this state.

I think of a question:
Why was the Golden Gate Bridge built?
narrated mentally> at that time in california the wine industry had flourished to that which bordered beyond the fabrics and styles of san francisco. the gold industry profits were long gone and the mining of ores cost much money and took long delivery and production times. the fruit staples were being shipped out to los angeles where they had a straight shot railroad to the midwest.
[it feels like I'm thinking in the voice of the older brother from Tombstone.]

How do our children perceive the internet?
[said it aloud in my mind]
[it's like I'm searching for a channel that wants to accept this short project]

It's life. everything Mom and I do is go there, do this, find that app, download music, it's just life.

How do our children perceive the internet?
I'll go! I think that the internet is like the telephone service used to be. my dad said that when he was young they used to tap the peoples phones like they tap into everything we email or something.

How do our children perceive the internet?
Man.. It's the man.. everything is like interconnected and it um, like when we reach out to someone like to sstrike up a babe online we use the internet. I mean it's cool n all but I think, ya know, like it kind of, like we need it too much man. ya know like, like if the internet went out there would be no traffic lights, cuz everything thats electric now resides or abides.. like all electronics go through the internet so we kind of need it.

[this side of me hasn't been accessible my whole life. I believe I have always had many "lives" within one Enlightened life. The Enlightened part needed to hide so the others could experience the individuality needed to resolve and erase their Karma. All needed to become One in order for there to be me today - open and whole. Going into this state used to be scary for me because I could "switch" into a place where the "me" in that now-dominant life isn't aware of the split. It's been embarrassing to say the least but I've developed many techniques for dealing with it: "I'm sorry what was I saying?" (laughs out loud and plays the comedian), or switches the subject, becomes argumentative, becomes a weakling, becomes fierce, becomes sullen, or shy, or sexy. I have always retained certain of the Enlightened aspects, even though I didn't know it until this year. The guardian angels I felt, the subconscious, the higher self, the old soul wisdom, all these things were me connecting to my Enlightened whole self. I've channeled many entities, random people whom have crossed over, etc. I have frequently channeled beings from various non-Earth places [see my other blog, Intuitive Choice, for the channeling sessions].

I'm a Psychologist (yes me, right now in real life ;) ). I can look at myself over the years and assess myself in so many ways: OCD (self cured at age 14 through intuitive immersion therapy), Asberger's syndrome (understood and fixed), possible psychotic break (which led directly to many, many things I won't get into and to which led me to the aware, connected "me" of "now". I am able to retain a very balanced, healthy, happy human life, but at any moment I can reach any state I want, I can hear conversations and feel emotions, I have always been able to sense auras but it's a more full, wholistic scene rather than just around people, events, and certain objects.
I have seen at least 4 things in slow motion in the last month. A rock flew up and broke our windshield, going around 65 on the freeway. When it happened I saw the rock bounce on the ground off a truck just ahead and to the left. the rock bounced up and my mind's eye focused on this object totally still for an instant and 2" across - I saw the entire shape of the rock, at literally very close up view, in good light. I knew the entire shape the visible and that on the reverse side. Time stopped at that instant, then began to speed up and I watched the rock rotating quickly top end over. Then it wavered in the wind as it cleared the truck's wind affect, and again as it entered the air compression area close to my car. As it came over the hood area it caught the wind and arced downward right into the windshield, and it cracked. I saw the impact in super slow-mo as well. the rock flew off upward and I no longer needed the info and returned to focusing on the road. This seemed like maybe 7 or 8 seconds, but in reality it couldn't have taken more than 1 or 2 seconds, if that. I had each of the above stated recognitions within the time it took that rock to fall and bounce up, not to mention it was surround sight in close-up.

I also avoided a car accident with my Mom in the car (recently). A car spun in front of us and traversed the lanes twice. I saw the entire thing in slow motion including the woman's hair reacting to gravity while she spun. I slowed for a quick second, then accelerated as I saw her trajectory change and saw her eventual flow of movement to bounce on the median wall and return to the lanes.
I think these super sense activations happen to all of us, it's just that most humans don't have a very developed mind's eye to know where the information came from. They do tend to act on it though.

One more question.
Where do bananas come from?
Bananas evolved initially in what is now Brazil. They were a smaller plant with seed pods but the local tribe shamans understood the process of selective breeding and used typical powers that we would call miracles today (and likely have a panic attack should we actually experience one, but these were the norm.)
The shamans would instruct the boys to scour the jungle and remove any smallish pods before they flower. Each of the pollenated flowers belonged to only the largest, sweetest pods. Within a very short time they had created several distinct types of bananas. They sent some south and some north and spread this glorious fruit along the peninsula (I pictured south and central america).
Once a knowledge of a very specific vibration happens in the world sphere it can be accessed by other minds regardless of shared physical knowledge.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dual-Plane Beings and the Astral-Physical Chakra Connection

Freedom could be defined as an ability to feel any feeling and accept it's value as valid. Could humanity flourish, or even exist, in this kind of world? Can Life exist in this way?

[This entry is a bit fractured and meandering; it is several parts of a much larger subject. Please consider it as notes and ideas, musings, and not specifically a piece in it's own right. It hits at many core issues of my theory of Life and I'll return to this subject often.]

Our minds freely explore any possible scenario but we learn early-on that some thoughts shouldn't be acted on and some thoughts must be denied before they enter our mind.

We can stop thoughts from ever entering our mind because we have access to the fractal-like flow of thoughts that occur in the astral mind. Thoughts originate in the physical brain, the physical body in some instances, and in the (astral) mind. When something is deemed highly inappropriate, as a means of interacting with another being, we set a rule within the mind that disallows that specific flow to begin.
For example, a young boy drops his pants when he is one and a half, diapers around his feet, and everyone laughs. He gains the idea that being without clothes is rewarding. But, by age 3 or 4 (in America) he knows that showing his penis is not appropriate. Eventually he re-opens that blocked line of thought and establishes the appropriate times and ways to show his penis.

Throughout Life we interact with the astral mind in a way that benefits our mind-body and use the physical in a way that benefits our mind-body; we are dual-plane beings. Wisdom resides in the astral and laws and labels reside in the physical.

The astral-physical relationship occurs in the chakras. It can be understood by observing the chakras and their many structures and blockages. The above paragraph about the boy is concerning the formation, restriction, and ultimate balancing of the Second Chakra.

Imagine a wild bird trapped and caged to be a pet. It's a loss of freedom and it's an increase in labels. The bird gets free food, love, safety, but has to give up flying, foraging, mating, and following it's instincts for survival. It's as though a caged bird is a different species from a wild bird because it's life purpose and expectations have altered too extremely to still be classified as as a wild bird. Both are categorized as Life however.

The creation of a human being is the formation of chakras which enable a flow between the astral mind and an individual physical being.

The purpose of the Elite is to corral the sheep into a perceived boundary of "normal". Change occurs when so many of the sheep migrate to a new idea that the Elite corralers must take action to control the flock. The actions to control the flock are either vicious or guiding, generally through war, red flag terrorism, labels, laws, or on the positive side "new" technology to ease the tension of change, provide media norms, and preoccupy the flock.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Active Gratitude, dynamic gratitude

Do we have a name for the feeling you get when you've, by choice, done something "right" and gotten a physical sense of release; when you sense the feeling of gratitude for your own good deed?
Is that Pride?
none of these fulfill the meaning of the whole situation. I'm not promoting an increase in the number of words in the English language, but this should be an essential part of our vocabulary.

This buoyant gratitude is a release of an old Karmic lesson. At some point in the past any number of people did some negative deed. The negative deed is registered and stored on a specific vibrational wave frequency. It is stored within the Akashic Hall of Records, in an astral realm, and is used to assist us in creating our physical make-up and individual chakra system before entering the physical plane.

Human life is the propagation of ideas from the Astral into the physical, creating life, then sustaining and directing the life, promoting or lessening "self guidance" for the physical being. We always have access to both the Physical Realm and the Astral Realms.

A negative deed, described above, is something that is deemed detrimental to the current model of society, held wholly in the physical. The deed does not perpetrate the same "good vs bad" ideology in the Astral.

The astral portion of a human consists of "the mind", in charge of all thought processes instantaneously, the imagination, the dream plane and more. The physical portion of a human is the brain, which holds memories and a growing definition of self, as well as the body. The body sends messages to the brain, which stores what it must, and sends on the state and setting of the physical self to the astral mind.

When someone clears an old karmic debt they tend to allow the buoyant energetic feelings of lightness, calm, relaxation, a surrender to safety; there is also a feeling of continuous connection to those who came before them. You were once helped by someone, now you help another - the vibration of helping one-another is what keeps going, not the physical action.

The magnitude of the buoyancy (during the clearing of a karmic tie) is a product of chakra clearing; as lessons and memories drop from our chakras we feel a cathartic release creating the lightness.

A super simple synopsis:
When we do something bad we gain a small astral-physical chunk in one of our chakras. It generally appears in the front half of the body. That chunk remains until your lesson is learned. When you do learn your lesson you are instantaneously connected to some others who have felt that same feeling in the past. You experience a lightness when that karma lesson is learned and the astral chakra chunk is dissolved.

Again but far more in-depth:
When we promote and/or cause victimhood a karmic chunk appears astrally in the frontal chakra related to the type of energy involved. For example, the solar plexus chakra, the Third Chakra, is the home of will. When we make willful effort to change karma our third chakra energy flows outward from the frontal third chakra. How much outward flow we can handle depends on our genetic predispositions, our experiences, upbringing, cultural trends, the number of reoccurrences, appropriate practice, and our pre-life choice for how we deal with Karma.

Chakra chunks distort our interpretation of Reality, through bias, judgment, experiences, learned behaviors, and thus influence our thoughts and actions.

As we do a specific behavior it can be tied to other people who are experiencing the opposing feeling. When these two meet, by one's own willful choice, the positive action is dissolving the past negative action. The result is a "closing of a loop" or dissolution of karma.
A good deed strengthens a good deed.
A good deed dissolves an opposite bad deed.
A bad deed strengthens a bad deed.
A bad deed dissolves an opposite good deed.
It's all about the balancing of Karma.

A simple example:
In one lifetime you are a jailor and you revel in breaking inmates' noses and raucously keeping them awake when they're trying to sleep.
In a different life you may pay for those "bad" deeds by constantly being woken up, in any number of ways appropriate to your current life, by getting your nose broken due to fighting, accidents, etc.
When the awareness occurs that your suffering is working off a past deed, and it is dissolved, a great sense of accomplishment, a joy sets in because you literally made the world a better place by your actions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The loss of astral connectivity as children age

Upon birth, children are mostly little astrally-connected beings. They experience most of their awareness in the astral and in-so-doing retain a natural sense of interconnectedness and loving acceptance.

The main purpose of the human body is to experience a sense of individuality. We begin entirely connected to the astral, and by age 4 or so we've lost most of that connection. By age 7 it's gone almost entirely - unless in either case the child is around people who are psychic or are functional in the astral realms.

We see two main groups evolve in humanity: those who are intensely individual and those who are naturally inclined toward interconnection. Interestingly these two groups, in America for example, exhibit themselves as Conservatives and Liberals, respectively. Conservatives, as a general trend, focus on strong individuality and maintain a strong sense of ownership and personal responsibility to advance. Liberals, as a general trend, tend to want peace and interconnection, recognizing that we can help each other attain things without a serious need for competition and strong self focus. These are big generalities but the point can be made and without much stretch of the imagination it can be seen as valid, when focusing on behaviors and despite any specific political party connections.

Is there a right answer on raising your child?
One choice to be strongly individual (related to monetary and current power model "success") or raising your child to be aware of the similarities within humanity and less focused on individualistic success, maintaining that which benefits the whole. This is an enormous subject and I'll likely address it in portions now and then or in a book. Feel free to run with it and see where your contemplations bring you. I urge you to ACCEPT your child and guide them, not to follow your example necessarily, but to find their own purpose, their own value, and their own path in life. A child empowered to make their own decisions early will find more success in life than one who is severely restricted and only following orders, in my opinion; although both types of people exist in this world and may continue on until humanity evolves into two separate groups focused on the two generalities mentioned above.

Making such grandiose claims without peer reviewed research studies or physical proof would make this simply an Enlightened Musing, but certain facts can be explained by the idea of an astral-physical early childhood, then physical (and some astral) in later life.
On REM sleep: small children dream very frequently, and enter into REM sleep when first falling asleep. Adults tend to need hours of sleep and a deep sleep in order to enter REM sleep. Why would this difference happen?

Young children are still connected to the astral imagination realm. Their mind operates freely in the astral, with more imagination, dreaming, freeness of thought without labels, lack of guidelines for appropriate behavior, and without a solid sense of self. Children access the astral easier because they haven't yet learned the rules of a purely physical world.

Adults have learned that only specific behaviors are entertained as accepted and normal and thus instill those guidelines and societal expectations on themselves. This is reinforced by a very long trend of needing to belong to survive.

In conclusion, children access the astral frequently and dream easily and quickly, allowing a beautiful freeness of imagination, easy acceptance of others, a freeness in sharing, a natural tendency to help others in need, and a mind like a sponge as they very rapidly assign neural connections to their experiences, as modeled around them by adults.
Adults learn the physical restrictions and guidelines necessary in their respective societies and cultures and adhere to those guidelines. Governments, Religions, Mass Media, Bankers, etc make sure we are corralled into pigeon holes of humanity, labeled, and separated in order that we can be controlled and assure continuity of the physical human realm.

In death our body dies and our mind retains it's connection to the astral, where it decides if it must return to earth, or another physical realm, or if it can go on to attain Enlightenment, godhood, act as a bodhisattva, or enter other realms to work off karma as needed, etc, etc.

Edited to add:
The phenomenon I describe above also accounts for children not remembering their early childhood. Once we reach a certain age and our memories are stored in the brain we learn to only feel those memories and define ourselves by them. We call the free astral part of our mind our imagination, our brainstorming, etc.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, explained with the Fractal Expansion Wave Model

"It was a dark and stormy night", the famous quote from Edward Bulwer-Lytton's, 1830 novel Paul Clifford is one of the most emotionally influential opening lines in written history. That may or may not be accurate, given it's diverse use in the media, but the line certainly offers a sense of foreboding and an ominousness that prepares the reader or listener for feeling rather than a mere intake of words.

How did this happen? Why did those two specific words have a symbiotic relationship, an empathy-provoking spark of interest?

When a thought is initially pondered-on a sphere of energy is created in the astral and a synapse occurs in our brain. This is the moment of communication between our astral level imagination and the physical synaptic spark that creates our unique perception of the physical world. The speed of our creativity, our internal discourse, our emotions, our neurophysical response all depend on the number of neuronal connections and the amount of neurochemical reaction sites or receptors are on the neurons themselves.

Astrally this process is a fractal-like expanding series of spheres. They vary in size, color, density, energy level, and karmic value. Each successive astral ball is an option for any possible future; most connections are discounted immediately (and either stored as a failed option, or no longer of value). As the fractal narrows it's options to relatively few paths (indicating the highest probability for success) the energy increase creates a sphere of astral energy strong enough to have an associated synapse in the brain. These synapses are thought options that enter into the mental workspace to be decided on in real-time.

To answer the initial question:
How do those two particular words, dark and stormy, bring out an exceptional feeling?
Memory is accessed in the fractal-esque pattern also - the connections between astral and physical occur in memory as well (not just future memory). As we narrow our search in the physical realm, the associate astral connections fire into being. In the case of dark and stormy both pathways energize each other because "dark" is only one degree of separation from stormy. Dark has a particular path that engenders ominous memories. Stormy has "dark" as a subset and can also invoke terrifying memories. The combination of energies from the memory of fear, dark, storms, death - could all be energized simultaneously because they are so near each other on those particular pathways.

The pattern of energies is an increasingly strong pathway of sphere after sphere, spheres could go in any direction but only the successful paths remain energized. If a path crosses another path it immediately adds much more energy to the astral memory sphere resulting in the activation of a synaptic spark in the physical.

Creating a phrase like "a jubilant celebration" or when you add "delicious" to the name of your favorite food, it adds emotional value to the communication. Other than word choice, we've learned to use our facial patterns, eye direction/eye contact, voice intonation, body language, cadence, etc to communicate meaning. Because the creation process happens in the astral all thoughts blossom out on all sides of the initial wondering. This explains the ability to instantaneously interconnect all sources at our disposal.

It was a dark and stormy night; the only light sparking in neurons.

It was a dark and stormy night, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Oh what fun we'll have!

Jerald K. Bland, M.A.

A very personal sidenote:
My Tibetan name is Gyalwa Rinpoche Gyatso Tensin Sherab.
This is my first time sharing this name since it was bestowed upon me "when I could find it" by Lama Tenpa Gyeltzen whom I met in Tucson Arizona. I re-discovered this name throughout 2014, beginning with January 25th, 2014.

The changes occurring on this planet right now are astounding; I urge you to take some time for yourself. Feel your intuition. Share with friends, do something you love.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NeuroScience and Psychology of a Pizza Craving - personal account

Some thoughts on perception of foods, our physical reactions, reactions to memories, our self-created veils, and the anatomy of willpower.

I'm a vegetarian at the moment, and for the last nine months, but haven't always been. I enjoy good pizza now n then and I just saw a TV commercial for Mountain Mike's Pizza (in California, US). It's some really good pizza and I've had quite a few over the years.

I became vegetarian, this time around, when I had an exceptionally expansive spiritual awakening following a Near Death Experience (January 25th, 2014). I felt every soul and looked at our entire interaction of life on Earth. The following day I gave up meat because I truly felt as though I could sense each individual animal (and their thoughts and feelings if I wished to). I recognize this sounds a little "out there" but I will definitely not be eating meat again.

On occasion certain smells, of cooking bacon for example, smell good despite my not wishing to eat meat. I still have the triggers and memories from years of loving bacon.

As I watched the Mountain Mike's Pizza commercial they showed a great looking piece of pepperoni pizza with melted cheese oozing, and my mouth watered! I was surprised so I delved into my feelings, perceptions and memories on the matter.

I saw the pizza with all that oozing cheese and slightly crispy pepperoni and it triggered a memory of eating pizza at the local Mountain Mike's when I was a kid. I remembered the feel then the taste of the cheese, then noticed the pepperoni and remembered the slight crunchiness to it, the smell of the pizza, and then the taste of the pepperoni. I remembered the type of seating and where I sat, followed by the whole scene: wooden benches, friends laughing, music and TV, I felt the emotional state and physical structures of the scene. Once I mentally remembered the taste of the pepperoni it triggered my salivary glands to react and my mouth watered.

I saw the string of attached memories in a fractal-like pattern, with the pizza memories remaining and following a larger, more colorful fractal pattern, and the smaller fractal pattern encompassing the seating, the table, laughing, etc with the physical scene gradually dying out and ceasing to be in active memory.

When I questioned my perceptions I saw a series of four specific, emphasized fractal modules, in order: the cheese (feel, taste, warmth on my tongue, fulfillment), the crunchy pepperoni and my mouth watering (recognition of a memory, feel of crunchiness, taste, warmth), then the veil-like idea that I am a vegetarian as a sheet of color in the path of the fractal thought process, finally, the fractal expansion ceasing after all options were inefficacious. After the thought process passed the self-imposed veil the fractal forms lost color and spherical shape and dissolved into a no-longer-needed thought process; until I asked the question of myself concerning why my mouth watered.

When we can learn to sense our thought patterns and processes we are able to differentiate and assess the various mental happenings individually. A craving is no longer a craving if your willed veil is strong enough to shut the thoughts down before they turn into a desired or undesired action. Our mind will naturally try all options (in the Astral) and deliver the most likely choices to our brain to make the final decision.

You're looking in a donut case and your mind and brain are flooding you with past memories, happiness, sugar high, inexpensive, etc, etc. Some part of you really wants a donut or you wouldn't be standing there in the first place. But maybe you also "don't want" the donut.

To stop your reactive eating due to a craving, you must be able to track your mental behaviors, take notes, think of the reasons you don't want the donut. When your logic and your will decide you don't want donuts anymore you'll find that your will is plenty strong enough to say no.

As a side note: If you're thinking "I don't want a donut because my spouse won't love me as much.". Your brain does not compute - why? because logic and emotions aren't in the same arena.

If you want to stop some behavior track the various possibilities and emotions involved. Recognize that logic and emotions are at opposite places, with the mind being a relay between the two, taking in information from both before sending out a decision. If you put the onus for not eating a donut on your spouse instead of yourself, for example, the most likely result is that you'll feel resentment - resentment for something that didn't even occur. Not eating a donut is your responsibility. Other people may offer support and clarity but the CHOICE and understanding of that choice is yours.

This is an exploration into creating a willful boundary or veil in order to put your choices over your reactions. Act, don't Re-Act. It takes practice and good self understanding.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Human Memory Storage in The Fractal Expansion Model

Memories are stored in several ways - we currently refer to these as sensory, short term, and long term. I believe the standard model needs to include further genres on emotion and somatic paraphysical indications and their role in creating and retrieving memories.

[Reminder that this is a musing and possibly not scientifically accurate. I'm exploring new theories of the mind, individuality, memory, etc and these posts are an exploration of my current understandings and speculations.]

Memories are created in our brain when various triggers occur in our "now state" perception of reality. Everything we experience has an opportunity to be remembered or ignored, after initial sensory input is assessed. The Fractal Expansion Model shows we can put our consciousness on whatever we choose and the evolution of our focus gains power in a fractal pattern, with each thought group developing as a strong fractal spine, with side-thoughts as the smaller fractal arms. In ultra-simple terms: practice makes better.

Our previously-stored memories remind us who we are and what we know. When a new memory is to be stored it is assessed and categorized, it is then compared to our previous memories to find out if this is something new or something reminiscent of another memory. Currently our belief is that we link new memories in a state-dependant fashion with several internal previously-created labels. Our theory is missing emotion however.

We perceive life around us in full emotion, sound, vision, but we have a limited system for categorizing the emotional state in memories. Memories with emotional content are categorized and labeled in ways that typical physical-reality based memories are not. Emotions are sensed by recognizing not only physical cues but also by an associated colorful aura. As sensed by myself, Jerald Bland, M.A., the colorful or golden-white aura is associated with each chakra (front and back) and around the entire person with various concentric levels of aura (alternating static/structural aura and fluid/water-color aura). Each chakra deals with a specific range of emotional frequencies.
[Most humans are imbalanced and blocked and tend to take in or expel energy through neighboring chakras. Much more later on this concerning healthy and appropriate energy flow and balance.]

When comparing how we remember things it seems obvious that emotion is involved; we do the "Remember when" game and swoon over past loves, we compare newly introduced people to ones we have already known. We remember a frequency of emotion and other things in that genre are remembered along with it. The following example, as evidenced by my 6 year old daughter's behavior, shows how we link emotional state to memories. If she gets sad or lonely about something, on occasion she'll give the reason she's sad as that she misses grandpa (who passed on when she was 3). Suddenly a missed playdate, that triggered her loneliness vibration, reminds her of other things that also triggered that same loneliness vibration.

When we remember some past event how does it usually come to mind? through text of the event? no, through a picture or a movie-like event in our mind's eye. If the mind's eye is not developed (as in most people) we might just pick up on a phrase, a laugh, a scent, an emotion, but somehow our mind is capable of linking to an entire scene from the past. If we try we can keep gaining more and more information about that event.

The Fractal Expansion Model exhibits the idea that our soul, or actual dynamic aspect of self, resides in a different vibration of reality: in the Astral realms. The thoughts we have, and all the split-off thoughts from those, reside in the astral realm and the final fractal-point-thought is delivered to the material world where it becomes our reality.
The Astral realms, for this purpose, would be all that happens concerning the 8th Chakra.

Our memory cues are stored in the brain and chakras, but when we put our intention on remembering the memory, the full astral montage comes into our mental workbench. Memory cues are vibrational and emotional in nature, which is why we access them so quickly and hold a specific sense of self. we don't need to remember memories to know who we are, we know who we are by the vibrational input and output of our chakras. Our thoughts and imaginings reside in the astral but the emotional vibrations of the events are stored in the physical, allowing us to feel Individual without remembering every event of our lives.

As a relevant coordinate thought:
Enlightenment is the planned dissolution of all chakra vibrational memories, a balance of perfectly clear in-flow and expulsion of energies. As this happens our lower chakras cease to act unless called upon, and our higher chakras 6 through 10 become the functioning self - utterly compassionate with an ability to find oneself anywhere they look.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 11th Chakra and those below it

The Eleventh Chakra

(Please forgive the lack of grammar - this felt almost channeled so I just went with it)

Our chakras are the communication from the astral to the physical and vice-versa. Each chakra brings in and expels energy. Each chakra is the mediator for a specific range of emotions, urges, Love, communication, etc. Humans are typically aware of 7 chakras, Root or First Chakra up to the Crown or 7th chakra. The Chakra system goes from Root up to 11th but there are numerous side channels and ways to intermingle with reality other than just chakra flow and balance. The 8th Chakra is Astral, the 9th is, to me, a dismal deep blue featureless realm with connections to other places. I'm not Catholic but this reminds me of what purgatory would be. From there you can traverse to an alternate 9th in charge of the physical make-up of our planet, with adjacent structural chakras progressing downward. The 10th is a blissful realm of green lawns and soul wisp spirit beings in plentiful numbers. I would refer to this as Heaven I suppose; it is also where the Akkashic Hall of Records is and a loved-animal heaven. There is an alternate 10th and 11th that seem to be access to "God" (a large room with open ceiling filled with radiant whitish-gold warm light from above, 10th), and a powerful blissful cloud-like home of a sentient god. I imagine there are many alternate 10ths and 11ths as indicated by our religions. The actual 11th, or what i feel is the actual 11th, is Blissful Perfection of Love and Connection - all beings are subtly aware of individual brighter spots, among the continuous radiance of light, we refer to these as other buddhas. It is a realm of perfect acceptance, perfect love, perfect knowledge. It is pure and exquisite as each Buddha freely flows into all others as a radiant sphere of light that encompasses this planet.

Do nerve signals travel in reverse?

I think I heard once, scientists believed a strange anomaly was happening because no matter how they measured the nerve signals it seemed they originated in the body, not the brain as expected by their current medical belief system.

Here's how I explain that phenomena metaphysically.

The world of imagination works exceptionally quicker than our physical brain and body do. The thought-world works out myriad best-guess scenarios following a fractal design, growing evermore complex but with only a single current-moment-of-reality actually coming to fruition. In other words, our mind lives in the "astral" realm, thinking of millions of possible futures, and one single thought-group creates and controls a physical body here in this world. Our body is created by our thoughts.

The nerve impulse traveling backward is communication from the physical model of our self to the cranial command center, where the current version of "physical now" is recorded, categorized, labeled, and sent back to the astral realm where millions of scenarios are instantly played out, creating the next immediate human action.

I think I may call this the The Fractal Expansion Model. If it's not already taken I reserve the name "The Fractal Expansion Model" and "The Fractal Expansion Model of Metaphysical Reality" as a possible name for the concise theory above. It also explains the concepts of Creativity and Imagination.
Jerald Bland, M.A. September 9th, 2014.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fountain Of Life

In the beginning there was water. This water was formless and had no structures confining it. Eventually though, as the water cooled, separate pools were formed, one flowing into the next.

The first pool was a realm for the gods - timeless and large, where any effort caused enormous change, mountains formed in a thought, and life was fulfilling and continuous. The gods - all having the same mind, interconnected and pure, decided they were at a standstill; how could 'they' learn any more if they all were one continuous mind. So they purposefully created separation - they created a pool below them where people could make choices and live as individuals, unaware their true essence is but water droplets in a pool.

In this second pool the people perceived themselves as individual beings - they had freedom of choice as their fractal-like minds searched for their true essence. Somehow they knew they were tied together as they grouped into families and helped each other survive. Some of the people though dove fully into this pool of individuality and took it to the extreme - they would do anything for that feeling of individual power and ego. They thrived on separation and would starve other people simply to feel more powerful. Wars were waged and a third pool was created.

The second pool was filled with the masses, people hoping to live in harmony but this third pool had a hold on the second pool that the gods never imagined. The rules that the lower pools create, the upper pools must abide by! The gods could be left to die by man, just as the powerful and greedy kings could limit the freedom of the masses in the second pool above them.

The third pool become rife with competition as banking was created, and economics, country borders, marketing and false news. The third group limited the second group, and in the masses' compassionate struggle for togetherness they accepted the third pool's strictures. They worked long hours making worthless pieces of paper that the third pool valued and de-valued at their own whim, keeping the second pool's citizens in constant struggle and servitude.

The second pool was fluid and open where the mind could flow freely in any direction. The third pool was structured and was so much colder than the one above. As the denizens of the third pool struggled so diligently for their powerful individuality the waters became too frigid to flow and further structures were formed - they were blocks of ice in a pool of water. The ice blocks became completely unaware the top-most pool existed, they worked terribly for war and separation and in physical form they became godless ice cubes in the fountain of life.

The ice cube peoples of the third pool made laws and religions and created tyrannical governments to control the people. These Third Pool people became so set on control that they failed to even see the masses as part of their pool. They could see only the blocks of ice with-which they competed and the drops of water became simply a tool to fight over.

Eventually as the water masses heated to a more conscious level, dead tired of being owned and bartered like resources, they began a stirring change. They weren't going to take it any longer.

Simultaneously super-heated drops of water joined the masses from the god realms of the first pool and it created commotion. These hot drops were locked away in prisons and hospitals, given various labels so they couldn't fit in or earn a living. The Third Pool people, the chunks of ice, started to recognize that the second pool was beginning to boil! They didn't know how it could do such a thing, it was as though the people suddenly had power. They were no longer just a tool for exerted power, but that they may actually have some purpose in life.

At this thought the ice blocks, who had learned to work in small groups for competition purposes, knew that the warm water would destroy them so they devised a plan. They said let's trick these watery beings into a false connection with one-another.

They began creating a fourth pool - devised entirely on their own but with the work done by the cooler water drops. These cooler drops understood the Third Pool but didn't fully let go of the Second. They could hold jobs and compete but kept caring about humanity. The rewards for working for the Third Pool were great though as it was perceived those with more money had more freedom. It was a tricky swirling pool of deceit.

The fourth pool was created as a means of advancement, but all-the-while the creators were keeping control over the water-drop peoples. In this fourth world people had the freedom to learn anything, they had the freedom to play and experiment, communicate freely with one another, but it came with a price.

The price was information. As the third pool icebergs created the fourth pool the people flocked to it, it gave them a presence of interconnectivity that they had been searching for. Their faceless gods forgotten and replaced by the ability to know it all themselves; they gained freedom of thought and an empowered sense. It was fed to the masses that this power was indicative of the success of the third pool, and more drops strived for great ice halls and frozen castles. As one drop in 10,000 made the jump to the structured lands, tens of thousands got warmer and closer to the boiling point.

So the waters of the First Pool remained as always, watching timelessly as their experimental fountain grew. The Third Pool had created a the Fourth pool, a virtual realm of freedom which the rest of the drops happily accepted as what is best.

The wifi trend grew and grew as the pools became more frozen. The people suffered immensely with no outlet as the surface of their pool had been frozen over. The iceberg powermongers made the entrance fee to the fourth pool the cataloguing of each and every drop. The people happily gave their identity, their information, their numbers and statistics and the icebergs input every last piece into the fourth world - a pool falsely believed to be the truth, however far from the First Pool it really was.

The drops called this fourth world the one of continuity but in reality they were frozen solid, given an ability to communicate in a few simple ways which let them feel fluid. They had lost their deep feelings of the gods and their ability to know actual truth; they felt comfortable with their inadvertently complicit actions, believing they were building a pool where all drops have a chance at warmth.

With the creation of this fourth internet pool we dive in head first never questioning the validity of our progress. We work with genetics and worldwide internet; we offer prosthetics and greater and greater weapons. EVERY piece of information about each of us resides in this Fourth Pool. The "elite" gods of the Third Pool will divert us to this Fourth letting us believe the truth is being given. We will live in internet pods completely immersed in the virtual reality these false gods create.

The Fourth Pool will take on a life of its own as it proceeds, unaware of the levels above it. The people will find their true water-drop nature and find out if they are warm or cold, godlike-heat or frozen solid.

In other words: the masses are one level, the elite are another. The elite have created the internet world, complete with our voices, our thoughts, are choices and actions, our fears and loves, and what holds our interest. At some point we be will forced to live in the wild or plug in to the internet realm. It may seem like a thousand years of peace, but imagine where we could be four or five generations in. Humanity will have split-off an entirely new species - a Fourth Pool.

If that made sense and you followed my lengthy exposition of metaphors ask yourself this question:

Would Homo Sapiens have just given up and said, "oh ya, you neanderthals had this place first, why don't you just kill us off instead."

If Humanity is evolving then it must be for the greater good, or the greater experience of a timeless and interconnected god. If we can glimpse a future where everyone is constantly sharing and thinking, gaining new ways to advance healing and science, metaphysics and Psychology, space travel and communication with NEBs (non-Earth Beings), then shouldn't we go fully into it and cheer for the internet-supported virtual reality?
Will we cheer on progress at the cost of our own lives?
Probably not, which is why there is so much false news and stress over money. If they weren't preoccupied who would consciously die off if they knew the truth of what's around the next ten-year corner.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The state dependant memory that is enlightenment is difficult to attain and one meanders into and out of memory-specific sub-personalities, memories, emotion-frequency-generated false memories, and chakra-specific sub-personalities all while living a physical body on Earth.

As a detailed example, imagine how our world is to someone who has changed from omnivore to vegetarian. By that I mean people who have purposefully thought-through and chosen to be vegetarian, as opposed to someone raised vegetarian, traumatically introduced to it, or otherwise.

At first the choice is researched in some way or another: trying a few dishes, talking with friends, researching websites, etc. When the choice is made there is an inner "self" that now chooses to be vegetarian but your other "selves" haven't got the memo yet. So you are living vegetarian but you go to the fair and smell corndogs and the memory kicks in that you love corndogs! Maybe even a taste memory or a specific memory or event when you had a corndog - which leads to emotions about the subject of corndogs. As the inner "vegetarian you" gains momentum it carries it's vibration to the other sub-selves that make you up. Eventually, or quickly.., your entire self takes on the idea of being vegetarian and it becomes part of your everyday habits. Alternatively, the choice was made under certain circumstances and those circumstances have changed so the idea is abandoned.

That dynamic energy newly discovered by our choice lives in us. Our memories, our entire compilation of memories, affect our actions or reactions; that idealistic self is what creates us, it creates our human physical self - newly created every instant.

(important interruption - more later)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Genius of Benny Hill

In sticking with the "Musings" portion of the page: The Genius of Benny Hill.

I preface this with my apology for not looking up the character names and credits. The Benny Hill Show was, and is, an exceptional English comedy and should be seen by all at some point or another, along with a few quick pats on the head!

The Benny Hill Show was a wonderfully fun English slap-stick comedy filled with lewd and lascivious behavior. It had a core group of cast members and was a weekly show (when I watched it).

I believe the precise niche that made Benny Hill so famous was the ability to make us feel naughty while laughing - he combined sex and freedom.

A favorite scene that comes to mind is when a car load of men stop at a farmhouse so the sopful quick-stepping elderly man could stop to "use the facilities". He went behind the barn. Just after, a woman we'd previously seen, turns on the garden hose and sprays the plants across the lawn making a nice even-arc stream five, 10 to 20 feet long. The implication, although through obvious humor, was that the old man's stream of urine was 20 feet long. The deeper genius, the perfection of humor, that Benny Hill created struck deeply into our memories past.

His work let our selves re-visit the earlier stages of our development: childish "poop" and "butt" jokes when you're six, or the cacophony of emotions when entering puberty combining adventure and fear, unsuredness and boldness - those pure, raw emotions without all the memory baggage to cloud our views. His humor let us re-visit those long-murky emotions and in doing so allowed us to purely feel again, without pain. This immortal gift of freeing old painful memories is one that frees our minds. It brings us to those similarities that all humans go through. It brings us together; it allows us to feel the same jovialness and faux-shame that made us curious and playful in our younger lives.

Jay Bland, M.A.
Transpersonal Psychology

Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the terms Buddha and Enlightenment

Buddhahood, or the state of Enlightenment, is not a singular name, it is a description of a state, like referring to humans as Humanity.

The path to Enlightenment, in previous generations, has been a stepped increase of awareness levels, or "levels of Bodhisattva" in Tibetan Buddhist terminology. With each passing level the awareness increases, allowing us to see the connections we have with one another through past lives and our current recognition of "self".

The path to Buddhahood (again, in recent and past human lives) may start with a singular fleeting moment of peak experiences, leading to singular quick recognitions of enlightenment. This carries on indicating our multi-connected reality knowing that we are tied to many beings. For example, we see ties between the people we know and understand why they're in our life: the recognition of Karma.

As this continues deeper we may have issues with understanding our "self" because we can switch between our understandings of what life means and the lessons we must learn; on occasion we see events from multiple perspectives and levels of reality (Karmic ties, Astral events, psychic understanding of people's thoughts, and differing vibrations of reality). This can be exceptionally confusing if we don't have any training in spiritual awareness, meditation, Psychology, (or if drug induced without the preliminary steps). We can slip into D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder), Psychosis, mental breaks and lack the ability to differentiate our current "physical reality" from the immense interconnected reality of Karmic purposes. Simply put - we lose it, we go crazy.

As our path meanders closer to enlightenment we gain access to more past lives and the meanings of why we experience what we do. One of my specific purposes has been "Injustice". I recognize that "I" did various very unjust things in a few past lives and one of the core purposes in this life is to understand the pain of injustice and disempowerment. Once an understanding is clear the negative events in our lives are welcomed because we are undoing past Karmic horror stories and releasing them, enabling a more pure overall reality.

The first Steps of Bodhisattva allow Karmic connections to be seen and released. They also allow for small glimpses of true enlightenment - a connection to a realm many levels above (or "more subtle than") the physical nature we call reality. After the first few levels of bodhisattva the immersion into Buddhahood remains for longer periods of time. It can be felt in awareness that we are tied to 1,000 people, all their lives become the same as how we perceive the arms and legs of our own body - they are part of us. We Know them and can take steps to help make those thousand people have a more pure spiritual life. This goes on beyond Earth and its inhabitants as the levels progress.

At a certain for point, for me at least, we are "given" a name in a vision from a past life - our core self. Further on we progress to a field of light and love where we may find ourselves saying or being told "I am Buddha", "We are Buddha", or "you are Buddha." "Buddha" describes the awareness of a level of connection to Reality that lets us see everything as one entity of Reality rather than our own individuality. It is as though our body no longer encapsulates our physical body but rather that our body encompasses ALL of nature.

I mentioned our recent and past lives specifically because I believe or world is experiencing a higher vibration, a change to reality as we know it. People are being born who don't recognize reality in the same way we have for the last many thousand years. People are being born intimately connected to Buddhahood and having a harder time gaining the recognition of human individuality. It's an exceptional time for us on this planet!

How can you take action?
Recognize your own patterns of awareness. Are you frequently remembering events from your early life? Are you recognizing specific patterns or trends in reality? Meditate on these and apply the meta-ideas, or archetypes to your behaviors and actions.
For example, most of us have a 'reaction button' that certain people or situations can trigger. Meditate on this and find the core, or childhood, scenario for why you REact instead of keeping your composure.

Thanks for reading. I'm thankful I am able to offer guidance for this very small group who understand this kind of topic.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Choice in Our Future

How could humanity have gotten to a place that allows this? or rather, how can we continue to allow this long tradition of royalty, banking and elitism now that we can see it plain as day and night via the world wide web.

I've recently been feeling this way about it:
Humanity has been going through an evolutionary change. One group supremely values Individuality while the other values Humanity as a diverse and valuable entity.

(In America) Conservatives tend toward the strong individual side; valuing competition for any level of goods that will allow the top vs the bottom. This need for competition comes from their sense of Individuality because in a world of single individuals there must be a winner, survival of the fittest, etc.

The more Liberal people tend to tune-in more to the general balance of nature and see humanity as a group. The survival of the group depends on working together, sharing resources and information, and having empowered individuals to advance things for the better good.

Both sides have value but extrapolating them out brings a dire change in our world.

How can an elitist maintain control of a population when that group has perfect knowledge? they can't.
But thinking ~far~ into the future, a mere two generations, we see that as more and more of our personal data is collected they have a perfect picture of everything we do and say, they know every text, every email, where our car is, etc. This is common knowledge but take that ONE step further...
One step beyond knowing something is being able to reproduce or mimic it. As they know more and more they will be able to tell what our next thoughts will be, they will know how to manipulate our desires, feed us "news" and have it all computerized and automated. As we provide this group with our voices, self portraits, eye scans, our Mom's maiden name, thinking patterns, and perception models all they need to do is one thing... give us a reason to escape.
A reason to get us to FEAR being outside and choose rather to plug into some sort of wifi living pod. At first only some will do it, then more, then you either plug-in or avoid it and live out in Nature - totally separate groups (except for the elite societal engineers). One group back to nature, the other immersed in a virtual reality, zombie-proof, wifi-connected, tube-fed reality. It seems impossible but it could literally be two generations away.

We already ask for smaller instruments to access the internet, we ask for prosthetic limbs and organs. We've made a bio-synthetic person with working organs, and he's able to "think" and answer questions. Artificial Intelligence is simply a matter of computer speed and information - our computers are already far faster than any sense we have.

So what do we do?
Pick a side I guess and really feel why your chosen future reality is better for you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Feeling Focus Memory Model for Exceptional Creativity and Quick Problem Solving

Feeling Focus Memory Model for Exceptional Creativity and Quick Problem Solving

How do we make choices? we refer to our memories and decide what we believe will provide the best outcome.

If we could somehow make the choice without referring to memories we could in-turn make that choice without having any expectation. No past, no future.

Expectation can make a nice gift seem cheap or a great race seem slow. But expectation also can cause a great thing to be "an individual success". This is very specific wording, individual, because it is our individual memories that makes us who we are.

So our memories define us: our age, our sense of self, confidence level in societal normalcy.

If we could forget our memories - not by covering them up - but by taking in and remembering the feeling of the memory and the lesson learned. Memories could be stored by feeling rather than by details. It's a bit like cloud computing versus everything on a local drive.

To put this another way: humanity's current understanding of memory is that we store each individual memory by creation of neuronal connections.
In a next-model-human memories are based on feelings and stored as a vibration. The vibration is classified by chakra type. As we experience some interconnection with life we identify the feeling vibrations then store the memory under that vibration's accessible library. This creates a sense of deja vu but also allows a great amount of connections to similar events; this allows exceptional creativity and extremely quick, very capable problem solving skill.

Jerald Bland, M.A.T.P.
Master of Arts Transpersonal Psychology

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eutopia Meditation

find your imagination... open that space where fantastic cities lie...

through the clouded realm.. looking down on your land, it is new to you.

what does it feel like.. is there temperature, is it crowded, is it futuristic or of antiquity... discard old memories because what we create always begins with our thoughts.

do we need bankers and stock markets, do we need the internet, do we need an open voting system... think later, now feel again and drop back into your land.

[be in a safe place for deep meditation]

go deeper... feel into the land the vibration and feelings, the interactions of the inhabitants, are there NEBs (non-earth beings), are there animals... how do we get along, do we hold onto fear in ourselves or feel pure with acceptance and gratitude.


continue when ready

right now you are here because you over came all obstacles, you overcame... sometimes people overcame you, maybe many times for you accepted a challenging role. The harder life is, the more abuse, the more injustice, made for the better purity of our vision, our eutopia we've just begun to know

go another step further into your land. sink down past the clouds across the skies and settle down into the land - are you alive or watching like the internet watches us.

are you individual? you don't need to be.

imagine every fibre of your self stretches to know the entire land, every touch, every thought. you are the complete one.

your new land - will there be competition? is there unequaled love between every speck of reality, are there individuals?

go as deep as you like

continue when you feel ready

imagine now a natural land with people, who share food and every resource. families and friends awaken when the sun lights their homes, they join in public kitchens where the bounty of nature is shared amongst anyone who happens to be there at that time. after communing with friends and family, people work at whatever it is they like to do - sharing resources, sharing tools, sharing work.

natural leaders emerge who make decisions on where a bridge is needed or which lands to plant. The leaders rely on science, people's opinions, question and answers openly shared with all. It is a balanced land where every person is valued and fed and has a say.

** I imagine your mind was bombarded with arguments and how competition would be dealt with, how greedy people will fare against "us". Release those - they are part of our world, not your eutopia. Those values don't need to be considered in this scenario. Read it again if you like. get into the purity and sharing, the acceptance, feel gratitude for every parcel of wheat or iron rock.

Eutopia. How does it feel to you.

This concludes the meditation.

Please feel free to share.

I was interrupted during this meditation and told this fact, from someone visiting Zimbabwe: three eggs cost 100 billion of their currency. Zimbabwe abandoned their currency in 2009.

We are talking about an entire COUNTRY having no valid means to live outside of squalor and mere survival. It is an atrocity of highest order that WE allow this to happen on our planet. Zimbabwe is part of Earth just the same way Israel is, and England, Spain, Belgium, all part of one Earth. it IS our moral obligation to stop this type of division. #oneworld

Friday, July 18, 2014

Virtual Reality Bodhisattva

Our world is coming into a split of consciousness styles - just like the difference between most animals and humans. We will evolve into groups living in differing vibrations. One of those groups will be living in virtual reality [VR].

In the case of mass transfer from our current dimension of life to one of virtual reality, those beings in the VR world will be one step further from the pure realms of perfect knowledge and Oneness. However, they may be led to believe they have perfect knowledge because basically they will believe the programmers newly devised form of life IS Reality.

How could one, so inclined, spread the word to the VR group that they are in-fact NOT living in the real world. It's the same issue currently between humanity and enlightened oneness, between our belief we are individuals, even though science can prove we're entirely interconnected at some levels.

I've only just thought of this question - my first instinct is that I must delve into the VR world, like a Bodhisattva is to us now.

I'll post more on this; I'm curious where my mind will go.

(good to be back posting. I was in Disneyland with the family. Busy summer!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

on meditation and higher realms

we sometimes find quiet or spiritual places, or nature to access the higher realms. We relax our thoughts and sometimes block out (or accept) sense information (sounds, feelings, memories).

When we progress in meditation we can access spiritually connected realms, astral levels and higher source levels where we can step beyond the earthly body and connections we've made.

When accessing those higher levels we can sense our body as a specific entity, like the tip of a stalactite, while our mind is residing in the cave roof. In this realm we experience karmic ties to one another. [I see them as lines of varying thickness between the "stalactite tips" (I sense individuals as a ball of light for each person or entity).]

So, to recap, while in the highest realms we can feel perfection of acceptance as other Buddhas and higher beings connect lovingly like a vast sheet of subtly vibrating, energized oneness. At this level we can peer upon the earthly connections from afar and utterly see past any reaction to attachment or emotional binds; we sense them as pure karma and purpose. THIS is an exceptional gift as we sense each individual's purpose and meaning and our interconnections without the human individual emotional ties.

Back on the physical level we can use this to an exceptional benefit as we feel every person as a perfect being, supporting our overall journey(s). Loving one another becomes the purity of life, which allows pure acceptance.

From a channeling session I once did, "Until you can give and receive love freely you will not progress forward. This is not a difficult step - begin to look through the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more" ~ Kuthumi.

When we are able to accept all sense input into ourself, without blocking it, as pure Love, we have truly moved beyond the physical realm and into the realm of the bodhisattvas.

Real world translation: Love one another, every person, every moment, and you will achieve perfect bliss.
Also "real world": this won't come easily, even doing this for a moment is an exceptional feat. Attempt to envision the people you love surrounding you with acceptance - imagine the love as static, not grasping love (study attachment if this doesn't make sense).

May you find peace, and your purpose for being.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

behavioural trends and rooted karma

Here's a thought..

while backing my car out of a parking spot a woman walked directly behind me, completely unaware I was backing up, then stopped.

I "reacted" by mentioning aloud to my daughter "wow, that lady just stopped right behind us!"

WHY the reaction? why do certain things make us react, as opposed to consciously act.

Here's what popped into my head:

could get hurt - - > dangerous - - > fear - - > visualized scene of my mom being deathly scared as I toddled toward a parking lot. Aspects of the scene stood out: even at the very young age I understood there were no cars moving and I wasn't in danger. It rooted a "karma chunk" as I call them in the incoming (rear) third chakra.
As I had this instant vision I released the karma chunk and I have a more pure energy intake.

I resolved karma by doing nearly the exactly opposite, or what was done to me is now being done by me. They cancel each other out - karma chunks are experience and allow us to bring the energies and experiences we need into our lives.

Mom creates unjust fear in me: I create unjust fear in myself. I was looking right at the lady and no one was ever in danger. Maybe I was just trying to control the issue due to that blocked chunk in the 3rd chakra. I did control it but with full awareness which resolves the karma rather than creating a repeating behavioral trend. Imagine we carry around so many of these karmic trends, especially due to fear. We can dissolve them directly by truly feeling and contemplating our actions and perceptions.

The wheel inexorably led to the automobile

as people began needing a way to move resources more easily and quickly the wheel naturally came about - first rolling logs, then the wheel, then the car. This progression changed our world.

Our need for more information led to messengers, then wire transfer, then the phone, the TV, the internet.

We currently need MORE.

We already have prosthetic limbs, visual and auditory implants connected directly into our brains. We have input/output with computers to directly calculate information for us. Researchers in Japan and in America, at UC Berkeley, have published papers on accessing and deciphering our mental movies (we see on a screen what they see in their mind!) - it's in the early stages. We have attachable devices that allow people who have never been able to walk, to walk, and we have body frames that allow U.S. Military personnel to scale walls. All these are ALREADY in use.

We also have a 'bionic man' with 28 working organs, first presented publicly at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. He's able to walk and talk, and has a fully functioning mechanical circulatory system, pancreas, lungs, and spleen.

For humanity to NOT advance into a bio-computer model would be like saying we never combined wheels and an engine to make an automobile.

We the People will never bat an eye as these things become more readily available... would a blind man turn down sight? would a person with a failing liver opt out of a new one?

As humanity progresses we become organic computerized life form(s). Imagine the implications! Shutting down for years of space travel, infinite communication instantly.

What would be the meaning of life then? Will we advance enough to understand karma and the higher levels of spiritual awareness? Will Earth transform into a nature habitat with human-server virtual habitat stations?

Our future is variable and not yet known but the question isn't IF we'll become bio-computers, it's: will we retain our physical world as is and be part of it as distinct individuals, or simply progress/regress to another stage of existence all-together.

Are you one of the people who will make a difference in our very near future?

Friday, July 4, 2014

a day in the life of the internet

alarm goes off (tracked - phone)

turn on lights, energy usage increases (tracked - power)

check email (tracked - internet)

leave for work (tracked - automobile tracking, cell phone tracking, road cameras)

stop at McDonald's for some hideous food (tracked - facial recognition cameras, maybe credit card)

arrive at work (tracked - keycards, maybe facial recognition, computer access)

NOW... imagine that there was a Beast of computer that tracked everything. They could simply plug all the information in and create a 3D rendering of YOU. They know where you are, what you're doing, everything. This IS being done right now by American money funded organizations such as NSA. The Beast - an actual computer system capable of doing what I described above TEN years ago. Imagine how much they know and predict now.

Imagine creating a false person. This false person gets paid, someone else collects the money, kill someone and the false person goes to jail.

An internet world is a full step further from reality than we are now.

The internet is also an exceptional tool for the interconnecting of humanity. It serves the perfect purpose to work off karma in a virtual sense, loving across the globe by conversation, killing by video game instead of reality (our current level of perceived physical reality).

We MUST have designers to include the pure, the good, the wonderful aspects of this interconnection: programmers of the world. The Internet world will evolve into it's own separate vibratory reality. The programmers who remain on the outside will be the Gods and the Elite. We need some pure, bodhisattva programmers to allow this next world to spiritually flourish, despite it's innate lessened power to remove karma.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Honor those who have suffered most

From a plane of Perfect Acceptance and complete interconnectivity human beings are perceived in a different way than we know ourselves. From a human standpoint, by purposeful design, we know ourself as an individual. The things that make us so are the depth of our consciousness, the number of vibratory levels below the state of full interconnection, and the connections we have (past lives and current) with other sentient beings.

The purposes for a human life are to learn specific emotional vibrations (compassion, loneliness, servitude, etc, etc.), to dissolve past-life connections with people which were too great to dissolve in that one life, and to reconnect with the plane of perfect acceptance and interconnection.

Those people who have suffered most in their life have dissolved some of the greatest karmic past-life connections, making it easier for themself and all closely connected with them to advance more easily.
Imagine a single life chain (all Earthly past lives and the current one) where some of the past-lives most significant aspects (extreme chakra over-extension) were killing as a military sniper life, a slave boat captain who raped the female slaves, and an angry jailkeep who forced people to stay up all night by banging the bars.

The payback for those actions can't happen in that particular life so must be lived out over various other lives. If your current life is going to dissolve into enlightenment then you must feel and understand the feelings of both victim and perpetrator. A past-life rapist may go through being raped her- or him-self, working as a rape crisis counselor, live with a close friend or family member being raped. A past-life jailor who keeps people up will constantly be awoken, scared, hated, constrained. A past-life sniper may have to endure exceptional loneliness, loss of possessions.

One thing we can do to help ourselves progress through these harsh life events, after deeply feeling them and going through typical phases of grief, etc, is to remember that you served out this penalty because some YOU in a past life did some heinous deed.

Are you constantly being stopped at every red light? recognize precisely how you feel while missing those lights, being slowed by other people, getting flat tires - remember that feeling and imagine what would be the opposite of that. Lucid and prepared dreams are a good way to find your past. Always stuck at red lights, behind every slow person? maybe you were a strict school master who loved to be annoyingly difficult and forcing extreme patience on people around you, or maybe you were a judge who put innocent people behind bars. Imagine any possible scenario for the opposite emotion - the scenario is "in there" somewhere, you will find it if you calm your mind and truly wish to advance in your spiritual journey. When you understand you will no longer react to the negative thing.

For a deep comparison, if our world evolves into a computer run Matrix type world, how hard would it be to climb out of a video game into the world of the programmers? Do it before it's too late. We got some crazy times ahead very soon.

Security Chip and the mass theft of credit

I think the world controllers will begin using the term "Security Chip" for the implanted chip we'll all eventually have in order to verify our identity.

I'm actually not going to go into this one much... all the info is trackable, it's all connected to computers worldwide. An all-encompassing file is being built on every single human being, in developed countries and most of our world. The identifier is each person's unique Smart Card Number.

When worldwide credit card hackings and frauds occur (probably unrighteously blamed on Anonymous) there will be public outcry for safety of our information. SO many of the citizens of our world simply follow along mindlessly, not capable of advanced enough thought (for hundreds of reasons) to recognize that a digital future is simply inevitable.

The so-called "they", be it Bilderberg group members, or whomever, own every piece of information about us; and ANYTHING can be faked. Everything is available: eye-scan, fingerprints, voice, image, thought patterns, values, emails, phone calls, education, what we look at on the internet, our schedules, and everything we do at work, home, Starbucks, and in-between. It will be impossible to have a steady money supply without every individual having his or her own identity secure, real-time, in-person... a chip.

Every time you accept the terms and agreements of apps, loans, anything, you are agreeing to let them track you. It's only a very short matter of time, less than 5 years, before we see a worldwide shake-up of the economy and the resultant choice to engage in full tracking or get back to living without the perks we love so much.

#RFID #Bilderberg #ClubofRome #NWO