Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dreams of Past Lives - The Falling Cliff

I had a most profound dream last night; it's focus was on the religious practices of a group of South American people living in tall rounded mountains. I didn't know their name or even hear a language, the entire dream was in visuals and emotional states.

The dream began with me (a tribal or hispanic-looking version of me) walking up to a cliff and jumping, with a strong determination and no fear, going feet first, landing hundreds of feet down in mud. I survived and it caused a great outrage of the people around me, on the shore and in pools of viscous mud and naturally hot water. Armed security type men, with skirts and spears ran angrily to retrieve me and I got the idea they looked at me as a heathen. I knew I was about to be killed or ostracized and my intention was to yell out that the religion was false!

My dream re-directed to the same man, but in his childhood. He had snuck into the priests' domicile and place where only the elite were allowed to go. There were warm mud pools and many people enjoying good times, with women wearing only clothes on the lower half and a generally raucous and sexually-charged atmosphere. I was a child and I hid under a carved soft stone bench (one solid piece, 6 feet long, with two legs, one near each end) I hid between the two legs and held myself up high as I could to not be seen. I was wearing dirty white robes that didn't fit - stolen from a stash of robes that people wore to this sacred area.

In the childhood me I had seen the man we knew as 'Death' happily enjoying fun and drink, showing his face, which was always hidden behind a mask. (As I type this, there was some Egyptian feel to the whole thing, but it was definitely high up in the Andes or some tall rounded mountains in South America.) I continued watching and learned that the entire hierarchy of rulers was false and that they were just as much human as I was. I was dumbfounded and naturally wondered if our religious test was valid or not.

The religious test was falling from the edge of the cliff, only by the men, and must be done falling to the rear without showing fear. You had to land flat on your back in the mud to survive and attain the gifts of the sacred pools and a woman to have as a wife. If you showed fear or panic you were killed by the guards. Sometimes people that didn't show any fear, that seemed perfect for husbandship were killed by 'executive order' or something.

The dream returned to the "present time" adult me and as the guards rushed to kill me, having just jumped feet first off the cliff, landing in the mud, I ran as best I could through the mud, yelling to tell the people this test was a farce and not divinely inspired, but rather a way to challenge the men, at the priests enjoyment, and a way to kill those men who were a threat or had crops or resource access the ruling priests would want.

As I ran trying so hard to share this revelation I knew my death was eminent: my memory flashed back to me climbing the unscalable cliff as a child, to gain access to the priests domiciles. I remembered hiding under the bench listening in dismay, trying to remain hidden and silent as my curiosity was painfully rewarded with truth and my desire to be a priest was shattered.

I made it to the furthest pool before a spear pierced through my back on the right side, coming out through me as the bloody and muddy spear appeared into my vision. I made it five more steps, locking eyes with one of the women who enjoyed the priests secrets. I somehow transferred my plight to share this unjust truth to her, believing she might take up my wish for balance and truth. I died right there not knowing if the truth would come out or not.

Then I woke up, fully remembering every detail of this past life.

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