Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eutopia Meditation

find your imagination... open that space where fantastic cities lie...

through the clouded realm.. looking down on your land, it is new to you.

what does it feel like.. is there temperature, is it crowded, is it futuristic or of antiquity... discard old memories because what we create always begins with our thoughts.

do we need bankers and stock markets, do we need the internet, do we need an open voting system... think later, now feel again and drop back into your land.

[be in a safe place for deep meditation]

go deeper... feel into the land the vibration and feelings, the interactions of the inhabitants, are there NEBs (non-earth beings), are there animals... how do we get along, do we hold onto fear in ourselves or feel pure with acceptance and gratitude.


continue when ready

right now you are here because you over came all obstacles, you overcame... sometimes people overcame you, maybe many times for you accepted a challenging role. The harder life is, the more abuse, the more injustice, made for the better purity of our vision, our eutopia we've just begun to know

go another step further into your land. sink down past the clouds across the skies and settle down into the land - are you alive or watching like the internet watches us.

are you individual? you don't need to be.

imagine every fibre of your self stretches to know the entire land, every touch, every thought. you are the complete one.

your new land - will there be competition? is there unequaled love between every speck of reality, are there individuals?

go as deep as you like

continue when you feel ready

imagine now a natural land with people, who share food and every resource. families and friends awaken when the sun lights their homes, they join in public kitchens where the bounty of nature is shared amongst anyone who happens to be there at that time. after communing with friends and family, people work at whatever it is they like to do - sharing resources, sharing tools, sharing work.

natural leaders emerge who make decisions on where a bridge is needed or which lands to plant. The leaders rely on science, people's opinions, question and answers openly shared with all. It is a balanced land where every person is valued and fed and has a say.

** I imagine your mind was bombarded with arguments and how competition would be dealt with, how greedy people will fare against "us". Release those - they are part of our world, not your eutopia. Those values don't need to be considered in this scenario. Read it again if you like. get into the purity and sharing, the acceptance, feel gratitude for every parcel of wheat or iron rock.

Eutopia. How does it feel to you.

This concludes the meditation.

Please feel free to share.

I was interrupted during this meditation and told this fact, from someone visiting Zimbabwe: three eggs cost 100 billion of their currency. Zimbabwe abandoned their currency in 2009.

We are talking about an entire COUNTRY having no valid means to live outside of squalor and mere survival. It is an atrocity of highest order that WE allow this to happen on our planet. Zimbabwe is part of Earth just the same way Israel is, and England, Spain, Belgium, all part of one Earth. it IS our moral obligation to stop this type of division. #oneworld

Friday, July 18, 2014

Virtual Reality Bodhisattva

Our world is coming into a split of consciousness styles - just like the difference between most animals and humans. We will evolve into groups living in differing vibrations. One of those groups will be living in virtual reality [VR].

In the case of mass transfer from our current dimension of life to one of virtual reality, those beings in the VR world will be one step further from the pure realms of perfect knowledge and Oneness. However, they may be led to believe they have perfect knowledge because basically they will believe the programmers newly devised form of life IS Reality.

How could one, so inclined, spread the word to the VR group that they are in-fact NOT living in the real world. It's the same issue currently between humanity and enlightened oneness, between our belief we are individuals, even though science can prove we're entirely interconnected at some levels.

I've only just thought of this question - my first instinct is that I must delve into the VR world, like a Bodhisattva is to us now.

I'll post more on this; I'm curious where my mind will go.

(good to be back posting. I was in Disneyland with the family. Busy summer!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

on meditation and higher realms

we sometimes find quiet or spiritual places, or nature to access the higher realms. We relax our thoughts and sometimes block out (or accept) sense information (sounds, feelings, memories).

When we progress in meditation we can access spiritually connected realms, astral levels and higher source levels where we can step beyond the earthly body and connections we've made.

When accessing those higher levels we can sense our body as a specific entity, like the tip of a stalactite, while our mind is residing in the cave roof. In this realm we experience karmic ties to one another. [I see them as lines of varying thickness between the "stalactite tips" (I sense individuals as a ball of light for each person or entity).]

So, to recap, while in the highest realms we can feel perfection of acceptance as other Buddhas and higher beings connect lovingly like a vast sheet of subtly vibrating, energized oneness. At this level we can peer upon the earthly connections from afar and utterly see past any reaction to attachment or emotional binds; we sense them as pure karma and purpose. THIS is an exceptional gift as we sense each individual's purpose and meaning and our interconnections without the human individual emotional ties.

Back on the physical level we can use this to an exceptional benefit as we feel every person as a perfect being, supporting our overall journey(s). Loving one another becomes the purity of life, which allows pure acceptance.

From a channeling session I once did, "Until you can give and receive love freely you will not progress forward. This is not a difficult step - begin to look through the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more" ~ Kuthumi.

When we are able to accept all sense input into ourself, without blocking it, as pure Love, we have truly moved beyond the physical realm and into the realm of the bodhisattvas.

Real world translation: Love one another, every person, every moment, and you will achieve perfect bliss.
Also "real world": this won't come easily, even doing this for a moment is an exceptional feat. Attempt to envision the people you love surrounding you with acceptance - imagine the love as static, not grasping love (study attachment if this doesn't make sense).

May you find peace, and your purpose for being.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

behavioural trends and rooted karma

Here's a thought..

while backing my car out of a parking spot a woman walked directly behind me, completely unaware I was backing up, then stopped.

I "reacted" by mentioning aloud to my daughter "wow, that lady just stopped right behind us!"

WHY the reaction? why do certain things make us react, as opposed to consciously act.

Here's what popped into my head:

could get hurt - - > dangerous - - > fear - - > visualized scene of my mom being deathly scared as I toddled toward a parking lot. Aspects of the scene stood out: even at the very young age I understood there were no cars moving and I wasn't in danger. It rooted a "karma chunk" as I call them in the incoming (rear) third chakra.
As I had this instant vision I released the karma chunk and I have a more pure energy intake.

I resolved karma by doing nearly the exactly opposite, or what was done to me is now being done by me. They cancel each other out - karma chunks are experience and allow us to bring the energies and experiences we need into our lives.

Mom creates unjust fear in me: I create unjust fear in myself. I was looking right at the lady and no one was ever in danger. Maybe I was just trying to control the issue due to that blocked chunk in the 3rd chakra. I did control it but with full awareness which resolves the karma rather than creating a repeating behavioral trend. Imagine we carry around so many of these karmic trends, especially due to fear. We can dissolve them directly by truly feeling and contemplating our actions and perceptions.

The wheel inexorably led to the automobile

as people began needing a way to move resources more easily and quickly the wheel naturally came about - first rolling logs, then the wheel, then the car. This progression changed our world.

Our need for more information led to messengers, then wire transfer, then the phone, the TV, the internet.

We currently need MORE.

We already have prosthetic limbs, visual and auditory implants connected directly into our brains. We have input/output with computers to directly calculate information for us. Researchers in Japan and in America, at UC Berkeley, have published papers on accessing and deciphering our mental movies (we see on a screen what they see in their mind!) - it's in the early stages. We have attachable devices that allow people who have never been able to walk, to walk, and we have body frames that allow U.S. Military personnel to scale walls. All these are ALREADY in use.

We also have a 'bionic man' with 28 working organs, first presented publicly at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. He's able to walk and talk, and has a fully functioning mechanical circulatory system, pancreas, lungs, and spleen.

For humanity to NOT advance into a bio-computer model would be like saying we never combined wheels and an engine to make an automobile.

We the People will never bat an eye as these things become more readily available... would a blind man turn down sight? would a person with a failing liver opt out of a new one?

As humanity progresses we become organic computerized life form(s). Imagine the implications! Shutting down for years of space travel, infinite communication instantly.

What would be the meaning of life then? Will we advance enough to understand karma and the higher levels of spiritual awareness? Will Earth transform into a nature habitat with human-server virtual habitat stations?

Our future is variable and not yet known but the question isn't IF we'll become bio-computers, it's: will we retain our physical world as is and be part of it as distinct individuals, or simply progress/regress to another stage of existence all-together.

Are you one of the people who will make a difference in our very near future?

Friday, July 4, 2014

a day in the life of the internet

alarm goes off (tracked - phone)

turn on lights, energy usage increases (tracked - power)

check email (tracked - internet)

leave for work (tracked - automobile tracking, cell phone tracking, road cameras)

stop at McDonald's for some hideous food (tracked - facial recognition cameras, maybe credit card)

arrive at work (tracked - keycards, maybe facial recognition, computer access)

NOW... imagine that there was a Beast of computer that tracked everything. They could simply plug all the information in and create a 3D rendering of YOU. They know where you are, what you're doing, everything. This IS being done right now by American money funded organizations such as NSA. The Beast - an actual computer system capable of doing what I described above TEN years ago. Imagine how much they know and predict now.

Imagine creating a false person. This false person gets paid, someone else collects the money, kill someone and the false person goes to jail.

An internet world is a full step further from reality than we are now.

The internet is also an exceptional tool for the interconnecting of humanity. It serves the perfect purpose to work off karma in a virtual sense, loving across the globe by conversation, killing by video game instead of reality (our current level of perceived physical reality).

We MUST have designers to include the pure, the good, the wonderful aspects of this interconnection: programmers of the world. The Internet world will evolve into it's own separate vibratory reality. The programmers who remain on the outside will be the Gods and the Elite. We need some pure, bodhisattva programmers to allow this next world to spiritually flourish, despite it's innate lessened power to remove karma.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Honor those who have suffered most

From a plane of Perfect Acceptance and complete interconnectivity human beings are perceived in a different way than we know ourselves. From a human standpoint, by purposeful design, we know ourself as an individual. The things that make us so are the depth of our consciousness, the number of vibratory levels below the state of full interconnection, and the connections we have (past lives and current) with other sentient beings.

The purposes for a human life are to learn specific emotional vibrations (compassion, loneliness, servitude, etc, etc.), to dissolve past-life connections with people which were too great to dissolve in that one life, and to reconnect with the plane of perfect acceptance and interconnection.

Those people who have suffered most in their life have dissolved some of the greatest karmic past-life connections, making it easier for themself and all closely connected with them to advance more easily.
Imagine a single life chain (all Earthly past lives and the current one) where some of the past-lives most significant aspects (extreme chakra over-extension) were killing as a military sniper life, a slave boat captain who raped the female slaves, and an angry jailkeep who forced people to stay up all night by banging the bars.

The payback for those actions can't happen in that particular life so must be lived out over various other lives. If your current life is going to dissolve into enlightenment then you must feel and understand the feelings of both victim and perpetrator. A past-life rapist may go through being raped her- or him-self, working as a rape crisis counselor, live with a close friend or family member being raped. A past-life jailor who keeps people up will constantly be awoken, scared, hated, constrained. A past-life sniper may have to endure exceptional loneliness, loss of possessions.

One thing we can do to help ourselves progress through these harsh life events, after deeply feeling them and going through typical phases of grief, etc, is to remember that you served out this penalty because some YOU in a past life did some heinous deed.

Are you constantly being stopped at every red light? recognize precisely how you feel while missing those lights, being slowed by other people, getting flat tires - remember that feeling and imagine what would be the opposite of that. Lucid and prepared dreams are a good way to find your past. Always stuck at red lights, behind every slow person? maybe you were a strict school master who loved to be annoyingly difficult and forcing extreme patience on people around you, or maybe you were a judge who put innocent people behind bars. Imagine any possible scenario for the opposite emotion - the scenario is "in there" somewhere, you will find it if you calm your mind and truly wish to advance in your spiritual journey. When you understand you will no longer react to the negative thing.

For a deep comparison, if our world evolves into a computer run Matrix type world, how hard would it be to climb out of a video game into the world of the programmers? Do it before it's too late. We got some crazy times ahead very soon.

Security Chip and the mass theft of credit

I think the world controllers will begin using the term "Security Chip" for the implanted chip we'll all eventually have in order to verify our identity.

I'm actually not going to go into this one much... all the info is trackable, it's all connected to computers worldwide. An all-encompassing file is being built on every single human being, in developed countries and most of our world. The identifier is each person's unique Smart Card Number.

When worldwide credit card hackings and frauds occur (probably unrighteously blamed on Anonymous) there will be public outcry for safety of our information. SO many of the citizens of our world simply follow along mindlessly, not capable of advanced enough thought (for hundreds of reasons) to recognize that a digital future is simply inevitable.

The so-called "they", be it Bilderberg group members, or whomever, own every piece of information about us; and ANYTHING can be faked. Everything is available: eye-scan, fingerprints, voice, image, thought patterns, values, emails, phone calls, education, what we look at on the internet, our schedules, and everything we do at work, home, Starbucks, and in-between. It will be impossible to have a steady money supply without every individual having his or her own identity secure, real-time, in-person... a chip.

Every time you accept the terms and agreements of apps, loans, anything, you are agreeing to let them track you. It's only a very short matter of time, less than 5 years, before we see a worldwide shake-up of the economy and the resultant choice to engage in full tracking or get back to living without the perks we love so much.

#RFID #Bilderberg #ClubofRome #NWO

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Fundamental Evolution of Humanity

Seeing the stress on a child's face, hoping for some answer to why they just can't focus, why are basic things so difficult?

As humans have developed over the eons we've settled into various emotional spectrums that we consider normal. From these ranges of emotions we've created our modern world - through creativity, necessity, greed, power, community - we feel certain emotions and respond with actions in the material world.

Emotions the population focuses on have become more refined and subtle as we advance. The first willful bi-peds focused on mere survival and instinctual sexual behavior (1st and 2nd chakra), then came individual competition over reproduction and hunting grounds, etc. (2nd and 3rd chakra). Every human has all the chakras, from 1st on up to 7th, and continuing on to 10th as as we reach Universal interconnection and awareness. As we progress as a species we focus less on the lowest emotional genres and more on the higher ones.

We see this in our world by noticing that most of us don't kill or compete for survival anymore - it is, sadly, still a part of our world but it's become less likely you'll need to fight for your life any given day. Sexuality has changed from purely instinctual, to agreed upon, to accepted and even glorified; sex sells, yes? But, we're starting to find respect in sexuality, with openness, fairness, and acceptance of all ranges of interconnection and sexual emotional states. We are still intensely focused on individuality and competition (3rd chakra) and on up.

How is this related to the Autism Spectrum Disorders [ASD]?
As humans ever-so-slightly advance and evolve generation by generation our very nature changes. A child who is born into a household where every person uses a cell phone or computer tablet frequently will be creating the enormous number of neurons associated with an interconnected information system; they will not be learning how to hunt for survival or wield a long sword. Those more survival-based behaviours will still be in there, and easily taught, but they are not generally the predominant brain areas being lit up.

Humanity and our world have been changing enormously in the last few hundred years, with the invention of the bicycle, the car, the telephone, the computer, the internet, space travel, global events. Our predominant chakras are shifting, as a species.

[as a relevant side-note: I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, with focus on NeuroPsychology, and a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology. I have experience working with children with Autism]

The people in our society who have ASD are shifting faster than the rest of us were prepared for. We're seeing this as an extreme of behaviours. We are all seeing these changes but the people with Autism, among others, are already prepared for the next predominant chakra variations for humanity - some higher, some lower. Many, many of us are starting to feel a split coming, something big.

Looking at the directions in which humanity may go can be startling. Some of us are living in an utterly fear-based reality, some in an extreme competition for resources, and some in a need for a return to nature. Certain trends are beginning to surface: the survivalist, the "normal" person, the bodhisattva, the everyone co-exist type; we also find highly imbalanced people who act as reactive change agents (people who carry-out or arrange for mass shootings, people who amass billions of dollars while others starve, etc).

As these trends are followed further into the near future three specific scenarios unfold. The status quo group (chakras (1)/2/3/4/5), the fiercely independent group (chakras 1/2/3/(4), and the innately connected group (chakras (2)/3/4/5/6/(7+).

[Chakra 1 - survival, 2 - sexual, 3 - will, 4 - love, 5 - communication, 6 - psychic communication/dreamland, 7 - spiritual connection]

The status quo group can expect to keep living in a worker environment, perpetually earning fake money and spending it in an endless loop. Our technology will keep increasing to the point of complete data capture, perfect prediction of behaviours, and an inability to have anonymity - a computer-driven tyranny implanted in our arm. The ability to increase human abilities by implanted chips and structures will further evolve this group into an interconnected, computer driven, virtual reality. The subjects will be entirely immersed in the reality and after a few generations the subjects will be completely unaware they are not living in the only, real world.

A second group is the armageddon, zombie killer, survivalist type. They are aware, confident, and over-focused on fear and individual survival.

The third is a spiritual physical community, with psychic ability common, living in-tune with Nature and Spirit. Foster Gamble's Thrive Movement is a wonderful example of the beginnings of this beautiful and healthy trend.

Some people refuse our current society, purposefully or not; some have exceptionally high feelings of empowerment, some are shut off in some way, some have highly noticeable vibrational behaviours (ASD and others), some people have lesser noticeable vibratory variations such as people with ADHD, people with synesthesia, psychics. As we allow ourselves a means to thrive and share, a more subtle peace, a high-speed computer world, a survivalist competition world... we will all fall into one of the three main splits of humanity. Accept all of them, or any other variation you can think of. Find what's best for you and stay authentic.