Monday, June 30, 2014

On Perception and Interconnection

On perception:

Imagine hearing someone speak from another room. They said one phrase or sentence. You heard them clearly but the sentence didn't make sense for some reason.

Do you respond? What mental cues do we value when trying to ascertain if we should get clarification, ask them to repeat, ignore them, or simply mumble yes or no.

It ultimately comes down to one simple choice: do I need to take action or do I not.

This action is an interconnection between two souls. Our every moment of everyday we are like water droplets in the ocean, sharing these interconnections with endless people, animals, sentient beings which are not visible to our human eyes. We do this consciously, subconsciously, and karmically.

Back to the question - whether we take action is defined not only by who WE are, but every situation that's around us. including the exceptionally complex individual who spoke the phrase.

On the more subtle planes above us we are interconnectly vibrating as one, above that the entire universe we live in is simply a question, a will, a thought, or yearning. Down here we're feeling and dissolving our Karma at whatever level we are each capable of.

We can't see this - we need a much quicker, more powerful device, capable of sensing the tiniest of human interconnections.

I'll let you in on a little secret: we can get to that level, we ARE that device; it's just that we've been guided and corralled, used as workers for sociopathic dreams and imbalanced needs. When we are ONE, together, we will all feel those tiniest of interactions.

This is called Love. It is a beautiful, serene life, gloriously filled with energy and a will to greet every person and every situation - our dreams, thoughts, behaviours, actions - they are filled with loving kindness and acceptance. Every breath wishing for every being to feel this Peace.

so how do you respond to the unknown sentence? you respond with love.

for those who want a more rational, valid answer, continue on ;)

How we respond, on typical human behaviour levels, is quite varied. It's a good thought experiment just hashing it out on your own. Think about where you are, what is around you that may be affecting your ability to sense the sentence - is there a dishwasher on, a babbling brook with subtle sunny rays piercing the tree cover, or maybe a ferocious lion... this question is for you to answer. Answer it deep, in layers. Physical sounds first, knowledge of the person, the situation at hand, then deeper. Would you respond differently if it was a stranger, a robber, your Lama?

Enjoy life.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A computerized rose is a rose by any other name

The human vessel for consciousness has become too slow, too short-lived, too fragile, and too dumb. Humans have become obsolete. But how could this be...?

What IS life? What's the purpose?

Life on this planet (this time around?), first started as cyanobacteria. Proteins evolved from quantum particles that gathered together as atoms, molecules, amino acids. As certain proteins had connections with other proteins and had various typical variations and mutations they evolved into the cyanobacteria.

As the necessary chemicals in the primordial oceans started getting used up certain bacteria were able to differentiate their atmosphere. Some evolved a sensor for light and moved toward the surface of the oceans, others mutated normally to sense heat and descended to the ocean floors where the volcanic activity kept the waters warm. Some were meant to live at the top of the water and went there, some were meant to live in the ocean depths and went there, and some were meant to die off, and they did.

WAS this original life actually Life?? Our definition of life is variable and lacking but imagine our definition was, "this set of interconnected quantum particles can interact purposefully with its environment". How would we sense and interact with our environment? through energy vortices called chakras.

A chakra is a vortex-type structure used to intake and output energy - that's it. A chakra would have allowed those certain life forms to process the light or heat and thus take in energy from those sources. Incoming energy causes an action to occur within the confines of the "being" - light or heat energy likely allowed the early beings to make energy that could be used for movement and other bio-activities, as in chlorophyll's processing of sunlight into energy for the growth and healthiness of a plant.

As the earliest beings became sentient they recognized their own individuality. This individualness came about naturally and caused competition, the food chain, mating and the perception of free choice. Natural choice of a mate would have been influenced by the level of energy transformation a being could cause, so sexual competition has been influencing life since before we even left the primordial seas, and has guided us ever since. those who produce the most, or are most aware, or are most social, or are quickest, etc would have stayed around to reproduce while those with lesser chakra prowess would have died off.

Translate this to today's world - not the typical evolutionary biology but concerning a split in human evolution. Our life is becoming less and less valuable, mainly due to our monetary system - debt made from scratch, paid back by people's work. The controllers of the monetary system define the value of our lives by crashing and rebuilding the fake markets. The human life has been reduced to slave labor with dollars per hour as our main value. Time is money.

Well "time is money" is bullshit and as more and more people wake up to the fact that our lives our being controlled and are totally valueless the groundwork for change is being created quickly.

The change is precisely like what the cyanobacteria in the ocean went through. Some sensed light, went higher, and survived; some sensed heat, went lower, and survived; and those that didn't or couldn't pay attention to the changing status quo died off.

Our status quo is continued work, work, work for "success", escape into recreational avoidances like video games, internet surfing, TV drama and sports. There are many paths to take but nearly ALL options in our current set of choices involve being connected to the internet and tied into the rigged monetary system in some way or another. An advanced internet world is the primary expectation for the standard human - keep on ignoring the facts, get your RF ID chip, and keep being a normal consumption vessel.

SO what would those who sense something different than the status quo be into?
Typical first thought answers would include those on the high end of competition, or those on the high end of feeling and sensing, or those on the high end of information trends. But those people are still living IN THE WORLD as is and thus subject to internet tracking, the rigged monetary system, and the social hierarchy.

Humans who simply keep with the status quo will evolve into computer-enhanced human vehicles of consciousness with math processing chips implanted, visual assistance for more accurate vision processing, security enhancements, faster legs, etc. Our body isn't up to par so we enhance it with computers, but how many generations will pass before we just plug in fully. Why bother with human flesh and blood when the thoughts, calculations, predictions, communications, everything is controlled by computers. The status quo truly leads to the extinction of humanity to be replaced by computerized thought processing.

on and on! It's 3:40 am. I'll re-read this and continue on later.
Later - can the internet "individual" abide by the chakra definition of life?

They know us, they really know us!

as our speed of evolution changes certain words no longer have a valid meaning - words like pay phone, record player, freedom.

One more to add to the list....

"Log out"

there will be no such thing. Our car ignition, computers, home door locks, everything - these will all recognize you! In some grand computer bank all our information will be tracked, digested, stored like it is now, but the information stream won't stop, EVER! This will be accepted as wonderful technology - and it is! It's quite extraordinary. But is it the ONLY way?

In-home access:
Good evening, Mr. Bilderberg, would you like to enjoy a decaf Irish tea or some other beverage perhaps?
Long trip from Chicago - I'm happy Margaret was your First Class Flight Attendant today; I hope your trip was productive. I have your masseuse on call.

These things can already be done.

Next time you download a new game and it asks for your permission to access your bank account, find information about your habits, provide appropriate advertising, access your email, know your location... think for a moment what you are giving up. A grand Beast of a computer KNOWS you better than anyone else in this world does and all that information is being processed.

"They" can predict our behaviours.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Radio Frequency ID Chips

I'm getting the chip in my arm:
A) to avoid the lines at airport security
B) so my kid can play his iPad at daycare
C) so I get money back on my groceries
D) none of the above

The system is already built. We won't have a choice for long....

Friday, June 27, 2014

thoughts on the evolution and splitting of the human race

thoughts on Reality

Emotions are the means of communication between the realms of Love and purity, where our souls reside before taking on a human purpose, and the material world.

Acceptance and gratitude allow open connection with the higher realms of Love and Creation.

Anger and Individualist perception are the emotional constituents of the lower material realm.

Eventually, and soon, there will be a split between those wishing to compete through individualism and those who wish for peace and ease. The first group will evolve into a Matrix-like virtual reality perceived to be true reality. The latter group will evolve into interconnectedness and psychic Oneness, with individuality as a minor personality aspect.

The World Controllers will remain in power over the Matrix world, gathering information and providing a means to keep the focused individuals busy in their isolation (See my post on a imagining a new technology).

The Interconnection group will strive for empowerment of the masses with valid and appropriate world goals such as quantum energy, space travel, and being part of an inter-galactic alliance.

The evolution and splitting of the human species has already begun. The division, although obvious to some, will be difficult to sense because we live IN the world right now. The world will continue as the Matrix like consumerist/work world with it's fake monetary system keeping the individuals in check. The spiritual group will become an enemy and outcast society as they distance themselves from all-encompassing technologies and targeted as "Domestic Terrorists" or whatever the label of the day is in the media.

The Matrixy world will become more and more "wonderful" with automated driving, worldwide free internet, implanted chips of various types, astounding healing techniques, etc. There will be a dramatic shake-up in the world economy as billions of people get hacked and our money loses all innate value (openly). After weeks of chaos the world government will declare all money activities to be done online and do away with cash money. Individual verification chips will become mandatory and implanted in individuals before they take their first breath. The "Justice" Systems will fail as evidence, videos, locations of individuals, conversations, etc can all be faked instantly.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Chakras and Our Understanding of Our Place in the Multiverse, part 1

As human individuals we perceive life as a whole, centered around our self like a continuous movie. We have "different hats" and genres of specific labels. We view this as ONE life, our own life, and can't really envision it otherwise, for the most part.

That being said, imagine a single life, your own is fine - divide it into parts: worker, Mom/Dad, sports, some labeled sexual variation, artist. Now imagine how each sub-persona observes and takes in the world. You'll notice quickly that your different variations live in the world in very different ways.

Some parts of you are willful, subservient, angry, defensive, giving, self-absorbed, bossy, loving or calm; we recognize these as part of our one Self because we have been raised to do so. It seems human nature.

If we divide ourself into groups based on the seven main human chakras we can view ourself from a whole different perspective.

The First Chakra, the base or Root Chakra, deals with animal instincts of survival such as hunger and security.
[If you're not already familiar with the idea of chakras please investigate. The idea is many thousands of years old and a core part of Enlightenment Tradition medicine.]

Second Chakra is about sexuality.

Third Chakra, at the solar plexus, is willfulness.

Fourth, Heart Chakra, is about Love and emotional nourishment.

Fifth is verbal communication.

Sixth is mental activity and psychic connection, also called the Third Eye.

Seventh, is our spiritual connection to that which came before us. A higher vibrational level of reality, like a plane or substrate, the 7th chakra is like an umbilical cord to a higher Love.

Because of our need to feel Individual we claim ownership of our awareness of each chakra's interactions and our choices; free choice seems to be a definer of humanness. We have always valued it - but is it real? More on this soon!

The chakra model allows us to label how energy flows into and out of each of us. The chakras carry our blueprints for understanding life's interactions. For example, if we have some early-life trauma (even something seemingly very small from an adult perspective), it can taint our chakra energy in-flow or out-flow in one particular chakra which causes increased energy out-flow in another. This interaction can indicate why feeling lonely causes anxiety, for example - decreased energy flow in the 4th chakra (a cause of loneliness) may increase our "reaching out" with the 3rd or Will chakra creating anxiety or anger. Understanding and balancing these imbalances is a core constituent of human life.

Energy flow in the chakras is very complex but here's the basics: a chakra is a dual-side vortex of intake and outflow. We take energy in from the rear and release it out the front. There are core channels within us that allow the energy to flow between chakras.

Part 2 will explain this in much more easily understandable language. Soon!

* Roberto Assagioli should be credited with the term sub-persona. Although this post is my own writing, from the heart, some of the ideas go hand-in-hand with Assagioli's.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Evolving World

Imagine such a technology as this:

A roughly-spherical container-like ride were the experiencers interact with music and dancing. It would progress in four stages: trying to match dance moves of the computer; create your own visual image as the computer mimics your body real-time onscreen; computer makes musical sounds and you match them with your own movements; computer reads your movements and makes sound as you compose your own music.

Further evolutions of the technology include a complete world experience, including movement perception, all within your own capsule.

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Can this be a good thing? We have utterly lost our sense of reality - immersed in money-making-for-life, created anxiety for nothing except the right to be governed by fear, ignorance and war. It is time NOW to make our world different. We can easily accept the above new technology or we can retreat into a more spiritual symbiosis with Nature - maybe several groups evolve and are supposed to happen as our species evolves, splitting the mindless followers from the mindful feeling variations to the fiercely competitive.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the irony of psychic battling

Any psychic will have dealt with some competition in his or her life: people trying to manipulate you, cord you for energy, hypnotise you, energize your chakras. Much of it is simply exploration and treading in the waters of power. The irony though is that people who really thrive in this competition and use psychic cording, etc are actually hindering themselves and the other psychics they meet.


We live in a planet-size, and beyond, field of energy. Someone who tries to "win" is like someone swimming in the ocean and trying to get as much water for themselves as possible.

If you're using psychic energy correctly there is ALWAYS enough.

Think of those typical quotes about sharing: giving a smile is always free, or lighting a candle from another candle doesn't take anything away from that first candle light.

Psychic energy is not some thing "out there", or something you really have to learn; psychic energy is always available, it is our minds that need to quiet in order to sense it and use it. A person fighting or struggling over energy is a direct indication that that person needs to let go of the anger or competition and remain calm.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Repurpose your fear

Re-purpose your fear into motivation.

Jay Bland, MA

Chakra Flow and Evolutionary trends

The idea of the chakra will be a large part of this blog. I'll discuss the purpose, the functions, the shape and energy flow of the chakras, as well as the hardened blocks, shields, and karmic blockages that hold and adjust our lessons and experiences.

Our world is in the throes of evolution. Our population will separate into various groups - as notes on a scale vary in vibration, so will the forms of energy-exchange we call Life. This will be a Primary purpose of this blog: finding your Self and your place in this time of upheaval and re-purposing of Life.

Entire posts will cover the chakras frequently but here's how you may expect the direction to go. Humans have 7 core chakras, and 3 situational chakras. Most people use about 5 of the 7 core chakras regularly and access the other three situational chakras only under certain conditions like dreaming, lucid imagination, meditative states, etc.

Our chakras are tied to large groups of emotional vibrations. The lowest, or Root Chakra, or First Chakra, is involved with fury, survival, certain instinctual/reactive fears, instinctual need for reproduction. The values that created the First Chakra are the ones that let our family lines and evolution happen; they're why we are here today. We survived because of the first chakra behaviors.

The chakras are similar to the specific named tones in music - some sound "right", some don't; some cause a very specific emotional response and some don't. This also works with colors - we decided specific frequencies of color should be named (separate post on this later) but we can find colors between those main group (blue-green for example).

Our chakras vibrate and allow energy flow of a specific range and vibration to enter and exit our Self. The 1st chakra is about ferocity and instinct. The second is about sexuality, release, and free flowing movement. The third focuses on will and power interactions. The fourth, or Heart Chakra, allows love and compassion to flow - this is our most fundamental human chakra and also prone to being blocked through fear of loss and so much more. The 5th chakra, or Throat Chakra, is about communication, the 6th about psychic communication, and the 7th, or Crown Chakra, is about our connection to higher planes (which includes deities and many named Divinity).

My work on chakras comes from a lifetime of sensing auras (structural and emotion), chakras, meridians, different planes. I say this because this is ALL from my heart and personal experiences, among some books here and there. If I look something up I will always source it (Six years of college makes sure you never make the plagiarism mistake!)

Please feel free to share this blog. It's not your everyday information but more people than you know are sensing these changes.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


what if every person in the world self-revoked their citizenship and ripped up their passport...

#Peace #citizenoftheworld

Archetypal resonances

hypnotize me, criticise me
shred my soul and terrify me
dead and back, no heart attack
all your leverage just went slack

This blog will be many things. It will be a work in progress for several months I imagine.

Imagine if someday humanity evolves into a single communal entity, connected by the internet, living out lifetimes in an instant... how utterly incomplete that entity would be if it thought all life strived for money and power. There are geniuses in every emotion, every nuance, every subtle cue or hint. The purity in these archetypal resonances is what I explore and hope to re-produce here.

I'll fill everything in later but for now my name's Jay Bland. I'm 46 years old. I was born to be a Philosopher and ceaselessly, relentlessly strive to find the greatest depths and heights of our emotions and purposes, our interconnections, the Life behind our three dimensions. I'm happy you've found this page!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Caitlyn's musing on CO2

My daughter (Caitlyn, age 6 1/2) says: I think we should tell everyone about that thing from Cosmos. That everyone should buy an electric car and stand up for yourself and don't let the greedy kings make any more of this pollution.

On Life and Chakras

Life is anything which can interact with the environment, or energy substrate. The non-life aspects of our world such as rocks just exist as energy with an assigned, static purpose. The simplest life forms intake-exhale energy through one chakra, equivalent to our first (root, lowest) chakra. The higher the energy interaction of an individual the more chakras they have to process the interaction. The Earth herself has chakras, with first chakra being in the inner core. More on that later.

#chakra #meaningoflife #metaphysics

Question(s) to ponder:
The first inhabitants of this planet were the cyano-bacteria [Cosmos]. Apparently, in Earth's beginnings, molecules came together to become more and more complex. Those evolved into proteins and eventually DNA. At some point a chakra interaction formed to sense light or heat, then came non-random movement.

The question is this: Was there ever some moment when the smallest set of chemicals started to follow the path set-down by the genetic code? Could our definition of life right now in our current world NOT be life, but rather a complex enough interaction as to warrant "self" recognition? We are quite simply an energy matrix, interacting within a material substrate, or base plane. Because of our ability to perceive ourselves as "Individual" we assume we are alive even though we are actually Energy, Love materializing into a set of chakras, advancing and contracting, balancing the whole.

Could the next evolution of Love materializing be a Matrix-like interconnected computer scenario? We could live more experience quicker, be more efficient.

#whiteteethteen #notawhiteteethteen

Musing: true wisdom comes from seeing the archetypal solution to a problem rather than allowing a reaction to the single event. #wisdom #over-reactive #archetypes How and why? Buddha [Siddhārtha Gautama] is thought to have said, in essence, being angry at someone is like picking up a hot stone to throw at them; you are the one who gets burned. When we react with defensiveness, for one example of so many habitual responses, we are simply exchanging energy with the person, feeding their means of attack, while enforcing your own propensity for being controlled.