Sunday, October 19, 2014

personal update

The last year and four months I've been dealing with a shoulder injury, surgery, a re-injury at physical therapy, another surgery, and also nerve issues and additional problems with my shoulder, neck, and upper arm. I accept it, look forward to getting better, and have a great support system when I don't even want to move.

I would like you to "stay tuned"; even if I don't write everyday I think, feel, and live everyday. I'll share the big stuff when possible even if I'm unable to write everyday.

Warm regards,

Jay Bland

p.s. If you like, feel free to add me on facebook. I'm on there more days than not. Although Enlightened Musings is waay out there I don't generally share things this philosophical in nature on facebook. I do tend to share spiritual things though and would be happy to answer questions generated by the content on this blog.

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