Monday, October 13, 2014

The Interconnected World: Evolution, Revolution, or Resolution?

Our way of physical life, as has been for tens of thousands of years, is beginning to be replaced by a computerized network of information. This is fully recognized by a very few people as most simply trudge along as though computerizing our lives is totally normal. We plug our calendars into the internet, our daily alarms, our location, our private texts, our work history, everything you could possibly list can likely be tracked in some way or another. But what happens to this information? why is it so valuable? what's at stake?

The information that makes our world IS our world. We live primarily in a physical place but every tiny aspect of our world is an arrangement of minute quantized particles with a purpose. It is these purposes that make the world go around - we create purposes and hopefully remember to check in with our innate wisdom and intuition once in a while (although Marketing, Government, Religion, Banking, Big Agriculture, The Media, etc will do most anything to keep you out of harmony with your intuition.)

Buddha Shakyamuni said:
"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughtswe make the world."

Throughout this blog I've slowly become more adept at saying our mind resides in the Astral realm, and above, while our physical body resides here on Earth. The connections from our mind to our brain happen at the synapse, communicating the attributes of both the physical and the astral so our body has choice, a perception of individuality, (perception of) physicality, life, etc.

When we die our mind remains interactive (although with a different, much more broad definition of "life"). Our physical body dies off and the tiny particles of purpose gradually dissolve back into Nature. This is relevant because it indicates Buddha's above statement is valid, and also further establishes the dual-plane model of existence I've been developing here.

If the meaning or purpose of life is to interact with and manipulate Karma then any form of life should be able to get that done to one extent or another. Our current physical bodies last up to around 120 years maximum right now. In one of those lifetimes we evolve a lot and handle many obstacles and purposes, making us more adept at handling more Karma. I don't currently have in mind how we can measure that life experience but the idea is that we accomplish a specific range of experiences in any given lifetime. Some handle more, some less, but we have a general idea of how much someone handles in a given lifetime.

If we could plug our mind into a cloud computer and just go with it imagine how many millions of times more experience we could do in 120 years.

We evolved from various chemicals and amino acids to see and feel, to experience hunger, we developed survival instincts, and eventually made it out of the sea and onto land. With each passing millennium we each were able to handle more and more karma, more complex thought. The evolution of physical life on Earth has constantly gotten more capable of reaching the astral mind and handling more karma.

The next step is physical thought at computer speeds. A false Astral mind to decide our lives for us. THIS begs some serious questions.
Is this good for life?
Is this a complete tyranny by those who design the internet medium?
Can we attain the higher realms (Astral, Heaven, God realms, Enlightenment) if we allow our mental processes to be governed by a computer system?

The next plane being created, the interconnected world, is a sub-plane of the physical. It is focused more on mental occupation than what we have now; this could be beneficial or malignant.

I believe "with our minds we create the world". We are currently running the risk of this new world being yet another despotic slave world in utter tyranny, simply working off bad Karma. We need to take action and purposefully create the connections to the Astral mind and the higher planes so this new interconnected bio-computer system may thrive in peace and balance.

Some random speculation on our future:
1) Our computers and systems will allow us to live "lives worth of Karma" in an instant, learning to use true Astral Wisdom algorithms rather than by physical memory comparisons as we do now. This comparatively-instantaneous satisfaction of Karma would mean the end of the physical world as we know it as all sentient beings would no longer engender the Karma of living here.
(continuation of life in some form; higher)

Or, 2)
Our computers will track every last detail of our thoughts and actions, ultimately becoming so proficient at predicting the behavior of the masses that the bio-computer system itself will gain recognition of Self, literally being a god-like individual knowing all things in real time.
(continuation of life in some form, likely end to Humanity)

Or, 3)
Our computer system allows instant cessation of life by means of perfection of knowledge. This would be the end of Humanity as we know it and likely lead to mass death and destruction, but also allowing many souls to cross over to the Astral mind.
(continuation of life in some form, highly spiritually beneficial (though most people would disagree for the obvious reason that we're all dead..))

Or, 4)
We strive to bring a normal physical balance to our planet using the interconnective computers to enhance our physical lives rather than to allow utter greed and abusive slavery by a few in power.

But... there will always be struggles for power whenever the perception of individuality remains. If we are in physical form we will always fight for freedom of thought.

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