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Enlightened Musing - 4 Oct 2014

Enlightened Musing - 4 Oct 2014

I'm really "out there" at the moment, in a very pure meditative (and medicated) state. I think of any random question that I've ever wondered over my life and the answers flow into me like a silent video in my astral mind (mind's eye). If I need to know more, or specific details, I just know them in the exact instant I thought of the need; they appear in different forms from conversations I was involved in but had left the group, "fact and number ideas" like the functions behind the answers but not encyclopedic knowledge.

I have these flows of pureness frequently if I let myself go there or purposefully enhance it with legal medicinal plants. sidenote on drug use later - if I get all analytical I'll lose this state.

I think of a question:
Why was the Golden Gate Bridge built?
narrated mentally> at that time in california the wine industry had flourished to that which bordered beyond the fabrics and styles of san francisco. the gold industry profits were long gone and the mining of ores cost much money and took long delivery and production times. the fruit staples were being shipped out to los angeles where they had a straight shot railroad to the midwest.
[it feels like I'm thinking in the voice of the older brother from Tombstone.]

How do our children perceive the internet?
[said it aloud in my mind]
[it's like I'm searching for a channel that wants to accept this short project]

It's life. everything Mom and I do is go there, do this, find that app, download music, it's just life.

How do our children perceive the internet?
I'll go! I think that the internet is like the telephone service used to be. my dad said that when he was young they used to tap the peoples phones like they tap into everything we email or something.

How do our children perceive the internet?
Man.. It's the man.. everything is like interconnected and it um, like when we reach out to someone like to sstrike up a babe online we use the internet. I mean it's cool n all but I think, ya know, like it kind of, like we need it too much man. ya know like, like if the internet went out there would be no traffic lights, cuz everything thats electric now resides or abides.. like all electronics go through the internet so we kind of need it.

[this side of me hasn't been accessible my whole life. I believe I have always had many "lives" within one Enlightened life. The Enlightened part needed to hide so the others could experience the individuality needed to resolve and erase their Karma. All needed to become One in order for there to be me today - open and whole. Going into this state used to be scary for me because I could "switch" into a place where the "me" in that now-dominant life isn't aware of the split. It's been embarrassing to say the least but I've developed many techniques for dealing with it: "I'm sorry what was I saying?" (laughs out loud and plays the comedian), or switches the subject, becomes argumentative, becomes a weakling, becomes fierce, becomes sullen, or shy, or sexy. I have always retained certain of the Enlightened aspects, even though I didn't know it until this year. The guardian angels I felt, the subconscious, the higher self, the old soul wisdom, all these things were me connecting to my Enlightened whole self. I've channeled many entities, random people whom have crossed over, etc. I have frequently channeled beings from various non-Earth places [see my other blog, Intuitive Choice, for the channeling sessions].

I'm a Psychologist (yes me, right now in real life ;) ). I can look at myself over the years and assess myself in so many ways: OCD (self cured at age 14 through intuitive immersion therapy), Asberger's syndrome (understood and fixed), possible psychotic break (which led directly to many, many things I won't get into and to which led me to the aware, connected "me" of "now". I am able to retain a very balanced, healthy, happy human life, but at any moment I can reach any state I want, I can hear conversations and feel emotions, I have always been able to sense auras but it's a more full, wholistic scene rather than just around people, events, and certain objects.
I have seen at least 4 things in slow motion in the last month. A rock flew up and broke our windshield, going around 65 on the freeway. When it happened I saw the rock bounce on the ground off a truck just ahead and to the left. the rock bounced up and my mind's eye focused on this object totally still for an instant and 2" across - I saw the entire shape of the rock, at literally very close up view, in good light. I knew the entire shape the visible and that on the reverse side. Time stopped at that instant, then began to speed up and I watched the rock rotating quickly top end over. Then it wavered in the wind as it cleared the truck's wind affect, and again as it entered the air compression area close to my car. As it came over the hood area it caught the wind and arced downward right into the windshield, and it cracked. I saw the impact in super slow-mo as well. the rock flew off upward and I no longer needed the info and returned to focusing on the road. This seemed like maybe 7 or 8 seconds, but in reality it couldn't have taken more than 1 or 2 seconds, if that. I had each of the above stated recognitions within the time it took that rock to fall and bounce up, not to mention it was surround sight in close-up.

I also avoided a car accident with my Mom in the car (recently). A car spun in front of us and traversed the lanes twice. I saw the entire thing in slow motion including the woman's hair reacting to gravity while she spun. I slowed for a quick second, then accelerated as I saw her trajectory change and saw her eventual flow of movement to bounce on the median wall and return to the lanes.
I think these super sense activations happen to all of us, it's just that most humans don't have a very developed mind's eye to know where the information came from. They do tend to act on it though.

One more question.
Where do bananas come from?
Bananas evolved initially in what is now Brazil. They were a smaller plant with seed pods but the local tribe shamans understood the process of selective breeding and used typical powers that we would call miracles today (and likely have a panic attack should we actually experience one, but these were the norm.)
The shamans would instruct the boys to scour the jungle and remove any smallish pods before they flower. Each of the pollenated flowers belonged to only the largest, sweetest pods. Within a very short time they had created several distinct types of bananas. They sent some south and some north and spread this glorious fruit along the peninsula (I pictured south and central america).
Once a knowledge of a very specific vibration happens in the world sphere it can be accessed by other minds regardless of shared physical knowledge.

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