Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Choice in Our Future

How could humanity have gotten to a place that allows this? or rather, how can we continue to allow this long tradition of royalty, banking and elitism now that we can see it plain as day and night via the world wide web.

I've recently been feeling this way about it:
Humanity has been going through an evolutionary change. One group supremely values Individuality while the other values Humanity as a diverse and valuable entity.

(In America) Conservatives tend toward the strong individual side; valuing competition for any level of goods that will allow the top vs the bottom. This need for competition comes from their sense of Individuality because in a world of single individuals there must be a winner, survival of the fittest, etc.

The more Liberal people tend to tune-in more to the general balance of nature and see humanity as a group. The survival of the group depends on working together, sharing resources and information, and having empowered individuals to advance things for the better good.

Both sides have value but extrapolating them out brings a dire change in our world.

How can an elitist maintain control of a population when that group has perfect knowledge? they can't.
But thinking ~far~ into the future, a mere two generations, we see that as more and more of our personal data is collected they have a perfect picture of everything we do and say, they know every text, every email, where our car is, etc. This is common knowledge but take that ONE step further...
One step beyond knowing something is being able to reproduce or mimic it. As they know more and more they will be able to tell what our next thoughts will be, they will know how to manipulate our desires, feed us "news" and have it all computerized and automated. As we provide this group with our voices, self portraits, eye scans, our Mom's maiden name, thinking patterns, and perception models all they need to do is one thing... give us a reason to escape.
A reason to get us to FEAR being outside and choose rather to plug into some sort of wifi living pod. At first only some will do it, then more, then you either plug-in or avoid it and live out in Nature - totally separate groups (except for the elite societal engineers). One group back to nature, the other immersed in a virtual reality, zombie-proof, wifi-connected, tube-fed reality. It seems impossible but it could literally be two generations away.

We already ask for smaller instruments to access the internet, we ask for prosthetic limbs and organs. We've made a bio-synthetic person with working organs, and he's able to "think" and answer questions. Artificial Intelligence is simply a matter of computer speed and information - our computers are already far faster than any sense we have.

So what do we do?
Pick a side I guess and really feel why your chosen future reality is better for you.

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