Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the terms Buddha and Enlightenment

Buddhahood, or the state of Enlightenment, is not a singular name, it is a description of a state, like referring to humans as Humanity.

The path to Enlightenment, in previous generations, has been a stepped increase of awareness levels, or "levels of Bodhisattva" in Tibetan Buddhist terminology. With each passing level the awareness increases, allowing us to see the connections we have with one another through past lives and our current recognition of "self".

The path to Buddhahood (again, in recent and past human lives) may start with a singular fleeting moment of peak experiences, leading to singular quick recognitions of enlightenment. This carries on indicating our multi-connected reality knowing that we are tied to many beings. For example, we see ties between the people we know and understand why they're in our life: the recognition of Karma.

As this continues deeper we may have issues with understanding our "self" because we can switch between our understandings of what life means and the lessons we must learn; on occasion we see events from multiple perspectives and levels of reality (Karmic ties, Astral events, psychic understanding of people's thoughts, and differing vibrations of reality). This can be exceptionally confusing if we don't have any training in spiritual awareness, meditation, Psychology, (or if drug induced without the preliminary steps). We can slip into D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder), Psychosis, mental breaks and lack the ability to differentiate our current "physical reality" from the immense interconnected reality of Karmic purposes. Simply put - we lose it, we go crazy.

As our path meanders closer to enlightenment we gain access to more past lives and the meanings of why we experience what we do. One of my specific purposes has been "Injustice". I recognize that "I" did various very unjust things in a few past lives and one of the core purposes in this life is to understand the pain of injustice and disempowerment. Once an understanding is clear the negative events in our lives are welcomed because we are undoing past Karmic horror stories and releasing them, enabling a more pure overall reality.

The first Steps of Bodhisattva allow Karmic connections to be seen and released. They also allow for small glimpses of true enlightenment - a connection to a realm many levels above (or "more subtle than") the physical nature we call reality. After the first few levels of bodhisattva the immersion into Buddhahood remains for longer periods of time. It can be felt in awareness that we are tied to 1,000 people, all their lives become the same as how we perceive the arms and legs of our own body - they are part of us. We Know them and can take steps to help make those thousand people have a more pure spiritual life. This goes on beyond Earth and its inhabitants as the levels progress.

At a certain for point, for me at least, we are "given" a name in a vision from a past life - our core self. Further on we progress to a field of light and love where we may find ourselves saying or being told "I am Buddha", "We are Buddha", or "you are Buddha." "Buddha" describes the awareness of a level of connection to Reality that lets us see everything as one entity of Reality rather than our own individuality. It is as though our body no longer encapsulates our physical body but rather that our body encompasses ALL of nature.

I mentioned our recent and past lives specifically because I believe or world is experiencing a higher vibration, a change to reality as we know it. People are being born who don't recognize reality in the same way we have for the last many thousand years. People are being born intimately connected to Buddhahood and having a harder time gaining the recognition of human individuality. It's an exceptional time for us on this planet!

How can you take action?
Recognize your own patterns of awareness. Are you frequently remembering events from your early life? Are you recognizing specific patterns or trends in reality? Meditate on these and apply the meta-ideas, or archetypes to your behaviors and actions.
For example, most of us have a 'reaction button' that certain people or situations can trigger. Meditate on this and find the core, or childhood, scenario for why you REact instead of keeping your composure.

Thanks for reading. I'm thankful I am able to offer guidance for this very small group who understand this kind of topic.

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