Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The state dependant memory that is enlightenment is difficult to attain and one meanders into and out of memory-specific sub-personalities, memories, emotion-frequency-generated false memories, and chakra-specific sub-personalities all while living a physical body on Earth.

As a detailed example, imagine how our world is to someone who has changed from omnivore to vegetarian. By that I mean people who have purposefully thought-through and chosen to be vegetarian, as opposed to someone raised vegetarian, traumatically introduced to it, or otherwise.

At first the choice is researched in some way or another: trying a few dishes, talking with friends, researching websites, etc. When the choice is made there is an inner "self" that now chooses to be vegetarian but your other "selves" haven't got the memo yet. So you are living vegetarian but you go to the fair and smell corndogs and the memory kicks in that you love corndogs! Maybe even a taste memory or a specific memory or event when you had a corndog - which leads to emotions about the subject of corndogs. As the inner "vegetarian you" gains momentum it carries it's vibration to the other sub-selves that make you up. Eventually, or quickly.., your entire self takes on the idea of being vegetarian and it becomes part of your everyday habits. Alternatively, the choice was made under certain circumstances and those circumstances have changed so the idea is abandoned.

That dynamic energy newly discovered by our choice lives in us. Our memories, our entire compilation of memories, affect our actions or reactions; that idealistic self is what creates us, it creates our human physical self - newly created every instant.

(important interruption - more later)

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