Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fountain Of Life

In the beginning there was water. This water was formless and had no structures confining it. Eventually though, as the water cooled, separate pools were formed, one flowing into the next.

The first pool was a realm for the gods - timeless and large, where any effort caused enormous change, mountains formed in a thought, and life was fulfilling and continuous. The gods - all having the same mind, interconnected and pure, decided they were at a standstill; how could 'they' learn any more if they all were one continuous mind. So they purposefully created separation - they created a pool below them where people could make choices and live as individuals, unaware their true essence is but water droplets in a pool.

In this second pool the people perceived themselves as individual beings - they had freedom of choice as their fractal-like minds searched for their true essence. Somehow they knew they were tied together as they grouped into families and helped each other survive. Some of the people though dove fully into this pool of individuality and took it to the extreme - they would do anything for that feeling of individual power and ego. They thrived on separation and would starve other people simply to feel more powerful. Wars were waged and a third pool was created.

The second pool was filled with the masses, people hoping to live in harmony but this third pool had a hold on the second pool that the gods never imagined. The rules that the lower pools create, the upper pools must abide by! The gods could be left to die by man, just as the powerful and greedy kings could limit the freedom of the masses in the second pool above them.

The third pool become rife with competition as banking was created, and economics, country borders, marketing and false news. The third group limited the second group, and in the masses' compassionate struggle for togetherness they accepted the third pool's strictures. They worked long hours making worthless pieces of paper that the third pool valued and de-valued at their own whim, keeping the second pool's citizens in constant struggle and servitude.

The second pool was fluid and open where the mind could flow freely in any direction. The third pool was structured and was so much colder than the one above. As the denizens of the third pool struggled so diligently for their powerful individuality the waters became too frigid to flow and further structures were formed - they were blocks of ice in a pool of water. The ice blocks became completely unaware the top-most pool existed, they worked terribly for war and separation and in physical form they became godless ice cubes in the fountain of life.

The ice cube peoples of the third pool made laws and religions and created tyrannical governments to control the people. These Third Pool people became so set on control that they failed to even see the masses as part of their pool. They could see only the blocks of ice with-which they competed and the drops of water became simply a tool to fight over.

Eventually as the water masses heated to a more conscious level, dead tired of being owned and bartered like resources, they began a stirring change. They weren't going to take it any longer.

Simultaneously super-heated drops of water joined the masses from the god realms of the first pool and it created commotion. These hot drops were locked away in prisons and hospitals, given various labels so they couldn't fit in or earn a living. The Third Pool people, the chunks of ice, started to recognize that the second pool was beginning to boil! They didn't know how it could do such a thing, it was as though the people suddenly had power. They were no longer just a tool for exerted power, but that they may actually have some purpose in life.

At this thought the ice blocks, who had learned to work in small groups for competition purposes, knew that the warm water would destroy them so they devised a plan. They said let's trick these watery beings into a false connection with one-another.

They began creating a fourth pool - devised entirely on their own but with the work done by the cooler water drops. These cooler drops understood the Third Pool but didn't fully let go of the Second. They could hold jobs and compete but kept caring about humanity. The rewards for working for the Third Pool were great though as it was perceived those with more money had more freedom. It was a tricky swirling pool of deceit.

The fourth pool was created as a means of advancement, but all-the-while the creators were keeping control over the water-drop peoples. In this fourth world people had the freedom to learn anything, they had the freedom to play and experiment, communicate freely with one another, but it came with a price.

The price was information. As the third pool icebergs created the fourth pool the people flocked to it, it gave them a presence of interconnectivity that they had been searching for. Their faceless gods forgotten and replaced by the ability to know it all themselves; they gained freedom of thought and an empowered sense. It was fed to the masses that this power was indicative of the success of the third pool, and more drops strived for great ice halls and frozen castles. As one drop in 10,000 made the jump to the structured lands, tens of thousands got warmer and closer to the boiling point.

So the waters of the First Pool remained as always, watching timelessly as their experimental fountain grew. The Third Pool had created a the Fourth pool, a virtual realm of freedom which the rest of the drops happily accepted as what is best.

The wifi trend grew and grew as the pools became more frozen. The people suffered immensely with no outlet as the surface of their pool had been frozen over. The iceberg powermongers made the entrance fee to the fourth pool the cataloguing of each and every drop. The people happily gave their identity, their information, their numbers and statistics and the icebergs input every last piece into the fourth world - a pool falsely believed to be the truth, however far from the First Pool it really was.

The drops called this fourth world the one of continuity but in reality they were frozen solid, given an ability to communicate in a few simple ways which let them feel fluid. They had lost their deep feelings of the gods and their ability to know actual truth; they felt comfortable with their inadvertently complicit actions, believing they were building a pool where all drops have a chance at warmth.

With the creation of this fourth internet pool we dive in head first never questioning the validity of our progress. We work with genetics and worldwide internet; we offer prosthetics and greater and greater weapons. EVERY piece of information about each of us resides in this Fourth Pool. The "elite" gods of the Third Pool will divert us to this Fourth letting us believe the truth is being given. We will live in internet pods completely immersed in the virtual reality these false gods create.

The Fourth Pool will take on a life of its own as it proceeds, unaware of the levels above it. The people will find their true water-drop nature and find out if they are warm or cold, godlike-heat or frozen solid.

In other words: the masses are one level, the elite are another. The elite have created the internet world, complete with our voices, our thoughts, are choices and actions, our fears and loves, and what holds our interest. At some point we be will forced to live in the wild or plug in to the internet realm. It may seem like a thousand years of peace, but imagine where we could be four or five generations in. Humanity will have split-off an entirely new species - a Fourth Pool.

If that made sense and you followed my lengthy exposition of metaphors ask yourself this question:

Would Homo Sapiens have just given up and said, "oh ya, you neanderthals had this place first, why don't you just kill us off instead."

If Humanity is evolving then it must be for the greater good, or the greater experience of a timeless and interconnected god. If we can glimpse a future where everyone is constantly sharing and thinking, gaining new ways to advance healing and science, metaphysics and Psychology, space travel and communication with NEBs (non-Earth Beings), then shouldn't we go fully into it and cheer for the internet-supported virtual reality?
Will we cheer on progress at the cost of our own lives?
Probably not, which is why there is so much false news and stress over money. If they weren't preoccupied who would consciously die off if they knew the truth of what's around the next ten-year corner.

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