Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dual-Plane Beings and the Astral-Physical Chakra Connection

Freedom could be defined as an ability to feel any feeling and accept it's value as valid. Could humanity flourish, or even exist, in this kind of world? Can Life exist in this way?

[This entry is a bit fractured and meandering; it is several parts of a much larger subject. Please consider it as notes and ideas, musings, and not specifically a piece in it's own right. It hits at many core issues of my theory of Life and I'll return to this subject often.]

Our minds freely explore any possible scenario but we learn early-on that some thoughts shouldn't be acted on and some thoughts must be denied before they enter our mind.

We can stop thoughts from ever entering our mind because we have access to the fractal-like flow of thoughts that occur in the astral mind. Thoughts originate in the physical brain, the physical body in some instances, and in the (astral) mind. When something is deemed highly inappropriate, as a means of interacting with another being, we set a rule within the mind that disallows that specific flow to begin.
For example, a young boy drops his pants when he is one and a half, diapers around his feet, and everyone laughs. He gains the idea that being without clothes is rewarding. But, by age 3 or 4 (in America) he knows that showing his penis is not appropriate. Eventually he re-opens that blocked line of thought and establishes the appropriate times and ways to show his penis.

Throughout Life we interact with the astral mind in a way that benefits our mind-body and use the physical in a way that benefits our mind-body; we are dual-plane beings. Wisdom resides in the astral and laws and labels reside in the physical.

The astral-physical relationship occurs in the chakras. It can be understood by observing the chakras and their many structures and blockages. The above paragraph about the boy is concerning the formation, restriction, and ultimate balancing of the Second Chakra.

Imagine a wild bird trapped and caged to be a pet. It's a loss of freedom and it's an increase in labels. The bird gets free food, love, safety, but has to give up flying, foraging, mating, and following it's instincts for survival. It's as though a caged bird is a different species from a wild bird because it's life purpose and expectations have altered too extremely to still be classified as as a wild bird. Both are categorized as Life however.

The creation of a human being is the formation of chakras which enable a flow between the astral mind and an individual physical being.

The purpose of the Elite is to corral the sheep into a perceived boundary of "normal". Change occurs when so many of the sheep migrate to a new idea that the Elite corralers must take action to control the flock. The actions to control the flock are either vicious or guiding, generally through war, red flag terrorism, labels, laws, or on the positive side "new" technology to ease the tension of change, provide media norms, and preoccupy the flock.

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