Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do nerve signals travel in reverse?

I think I heard once, scientists believed a strange anomaly was happening because no matter how they measured the nerve signals it seemed they originated in the body, not the brain as expected by their current medical belief system.

Here's how I explain that phenomena metaphysically.

The world of imagination works exceptionally quicker than our physical brain and body do. The thought-world works out myriad best-guess scenarios following a fractal design, growing evermore complex but with only a single current-moment-of-reality actually coming to fruition. In other words, our mind lives in the "astral" realm, thinking of millions of possible futures, and one single thought-group creates and controls a physical body here in this world. Our body is created by our thoughts.

The nerve impulse traveling backward is communication from the physical model of our self to the cranial command center, where the current version of "physical now" is recorded, categorized, labeled, and sent back to the astral realm where millions of scenarios are instantly played out, creating the next immediate human action.

I think I may call this the The Fractal Expansion Model. If it's not already taken I reserve the name "The Fractal Expansion Model" and "The Fractal Expansion Model of Metaphysical Reality" as a possible name for the concise theory above. It also explains the concepts of Creativity and Imagination.
Jerald Bland, M.A. September 9th, 2014.

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