Monday, September 29, 2014

Active Gratitude, dynamic gratitude

Do we have a name for the feeling you get when you've, by choice, done something "right" and gotten a physical sense of release; when you sense the feeling of gratitude for your own good deed?
Is that Pride?
none of these fulfill the meaning of the whole situation. I'm not promoting an increase in the number of words in the English language, but this should be an essential part of our vocabulary.

This buoyant gratitude is a release of an old Karmic lesson. At some point in the past any number of people did some negative deed. The negative deed is registered and stored on a specific vibrational wave frequency. It is stored within the Akashic Hall of Records, in an astral realm, and is used to assist us in creating our physical make-up and individual chakra system before entering the physical plane.

Human life is the propagation of ideas from the Astral into the physical, creating life, then sustaining and directing the life, promoting or lessening "self guidance" for the physical being. We always have access to both the Physical Realm and the Astral Realms.

A negative deed, described above, is something that is deemed detrimental to the current model of society, held wholly in the physical. The deed does not perpetrate the same "good vs bad" ideology in the Astral.

The astral portion of a human consists of "the mind", in charge of all thought processes instantaneously, the imagination, the dream plane and more. The physical portion of a human is the brain, which holds memories and a growing definition of self, as well as the body. The body sends messages to the brain, which stores what it must, and sends on the state and setting of the physical self to the astral mind.

When someone clears an old karmic debt they tend to allow the buoyant energetic feelings of lightness, calm, relaxation, a surrender to safety; there is also a feeling of continuous connection to those who came before them. You were once helped by someone, now you help another - the vibration of helping one-another is what keeps going, not the physical action.

The magnitude of the buoyancy (during the clearing of a karmic tie) is a product of chakra clearing; as lessons and memories drop from our chakras we feel a cathartic release creating the lightness.

A super simple synopsis:
When we do something bad we gain a small astral-physical chunk in one of our chakras. It generally appears in the front half of the body. That chunk remains until your lesson is learned. When you do learn your lesson you are instantaneously connected to some others who have felt that same feeling in the past. You experience a lightness when that karma lesson is learned and the astral chakra chunk is dissolved.

Again but far more in-depth:
When we promote and/or cause victimhood a karmic chunk appears astrally in the frontal chakra related to the type of energy involved. For example, the solar plexus chakra, the Third Chakra, is the home of will. When we make willful effort to change karma our third chakra energy flows outward from the frontal third chakra. How much outward flow we can handle depends on our genetic predispositions, our experiences, upbringing, cultural trends, the number of reoccurrences, appropriate practice, and our pre-life choice for how we deal with Karma.

Chakra chunks distort our interpretation of Reality, through bias, judgment, experiences, learned behaviors, and thus influence our thoughts and actions.

As we do a specific behavior it can be tied to other people who are experiencing the opposing feeling. When these two meet, by one's own willful choice, the positive action is dissolving the past negative action. The result is a "closing of a loop" or dissolution of karma.
A good deed strengthens a good deed.
A good deed dissolves an opposite bad deed.
A bad deed strengthens a bad deed.
A bad deed dissolves an opposite good deed.
It's all about the balancing of Karma.

A simple example:
In one lifetime you are a jailor and you revel in breaking inmates' noses and raucously keeping them awake when they're trying to sleep.
In a different life you may pay for those "bad" deeds by constantly being woken up, in any number of ways appropriate to your current life, by getting your nose broken due to fighting, accidents, etc.
When the awareness occurs that your suffering is working off a past deed, and it is dissolved, a great sense of accomplishment, a joy sets in because you literally made the world a better place by your actions.

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