Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 11th Chakra and those below it

The Eleventh Chakra

(Please forgive the lack of grammar - this felt almost channeled so I just went with it)

Our chakras are the communication from the astral to the physical and vice-versa. Each chakra brings in and expels energy. Each chakra is the mediator for a specific range of emotions, urges, Love, communication, etc. Humans are typically aware of 7 chakras, Root or First Chakra up to the Crown or 7th chakra. The Chakra system goes from Root up to 11th but there are numerous side channels and ways to intermingle with reality other than just chakra flow and balance. The 8th Chakra is Astral, the 9th is, to me, a dismal deep blue featureless realm with connections to other places. I'm not Catholic but this reminds me of what purgatory would be. From there you can traverse to an alternate 9th in charge of the physical make-up of our planet, with adjacent structural chakras progressing downward. The 10th is a blissful realm of green lawns and soul wisp spirit beings in plentiful numbers. I would refer to this as Heaven I suppose; it is also where the Akkashic Hall of Records is and a loved-animal heaven. There is an alternate 10th and 11th that seem to be access to "God" (a large room with open ceiling filled with radiant whitish-gold warm light from above, 10th), and a powerful blissful cloud-like home of a sentient god. I imagine there are many alternate 10ths and 11ths as indicated by our religions. The actual 11th, or what i feel is the actual 11th, is Blissful Perfection of Love and Connection - all beings are subtly aware of individual brighter spots, among the continuous radiance of light, we refer to these as other buddhas. It is a realm of perfect acceptance, perfect love, perfect knowledge. It is pure and exquisite as each Buddha freely flows into all others as a radiant sphere of light that encompasses this planet.

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