Friday, July 18, 2014

Virtual Reality Bodhisattva

Our world is coming into a split of consciousness styles - just like the difference between most animals and humans. We will evolve into groups living in differing vibrations. One of those groups will be living in virtual reality [VR].

In the case of mass transfer from our current dimension of life to one of virtual reality, those beings in the VR world will be one step further from the pure realms of perfect knowledge and Oneness. However, they may be led to believe they have perfect knowledge because basically they will believe the programmers newly devised form of life IS Reality.

How could one, so inclined, spread the word to the VR group that they are in-fact NOT living in the real world. It's the same issue currently between humanity and enlightened oneness, between our belief we are individuals, even though science can prove we're entirely interconnected at some levels.

I've only just thought of this question - my first instinct is that I must delve into the VR world, like a Bodhisattva is to us now.

I'll post more on this; I'm curious where my mind will go.

(good to be back posting. I was in Disneyland with the family. Busy summer!)

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