Sunday, July 6, 2014

The wheel inexorably led to the automobile

as people began needing a way to move resources more easily and quickly the wheel naturally came about - first rolling logs, then the wheel, then the car. This progression changed our world.

Our need for more information led to messengers, then wire transfer, then the phone, the TV, the internet.

We currently need MORE.

We already have prosthetic limbs, visual and auditory implants connected directly into our brains. We have input/output with computers to directly calculate information for us. Researchers in Japan and in America, at UC Berkeley, have published papers on accessing and deciphering our mental movies (we see on a screen what they see in their mind!) - it's in the early stages. We have attachable devices that allow people who have never been able to walk, to walk, and we have body frames that allow U.S. Military personnel to scale walls. All these are ALREADY in use.

We also have a 'bionic man' with 28 working organs, first presented publicly at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. He's able to walk and talk, and has a fully functioning mechanical circulatory system, pancreas, lungs, and spleen.

For humanity to NOT advance into a bio-computer model would be like saying we never combined wheels and an engine to make an automobile.

We the People will never bat an eye as these things become more readily available... would a blind man turn down sight? would a person with a failing liver opt out of a new one?

As humanity progresses we become organic computerized life form(s). Imagine the implications! Shutting down for years of space travel, infinite communication instantly.

What would be the meaning of life then? Will we advance enough to understand karma and the higher levels of spiritual awareness? Will Earth transform into a nature habitat with human-server virtual habitat stations?

Our future is variable and not yet known but the question isn't IF we'll become bio-computers, it's: will we retain our physical world as is and be part of it as distinct individuals, or simply progress/regress to another stage of existence all-together.

Are you one of the people who will make a difference in our very near future?

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