Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eutopia Meditation

find your imagination... open that space where fantastic cities lie...

through the clouded realm.. looking down on your land, it is new to you.

what does it feel like.. is there temperature, is it crowded, is it futuristic or of antiquity... discard old memories because what we create always begins with our thoughts.

do we need bankers and stock markets, do we need the internet, do we need an open voting system... think later, now feel again and drop back into your land.

[be in a safe place for deep meditation]

go deeper... feel into the land the vibration and feelings, the interactions of the inhabitants, are there NEBs (non-earth beings), are there animals... how do we get along, do we hold onto fear in ourselves or feel pure with acceptance and gratitude.


continue when ready

right now you are here because you over came all obstacles, you overcame... sometimes people overcame you, maybe many times for you accepted a challenging role. The harder life is, the more abuse, the more injustice, made for the better purity of our vision, our eutopia we've just begun to know

go another step further into your land. sink down past the clouds across the skies and settle down into the land - are you alive or watching like the internet watches us.

are you individual? you don't need to be.

imagine every fibre of your self stretches to know the entire land, every touch, every thought. you are the complete one.

your new land - will there be competition? is there unequaled love between every speck of reality, are there individuals?

go as deep as you like

continue when you feel ready

imagine now a natural land with people, who share food and every resource. families and friends awaken when the sun lights their homes, they join in public kitchens where the bounty of nature is shared amongst anyone who happens to be there at that time. after communing with friends and family, people work at whatever it is they like to do - sharing resources, sharing tools, sharing work.

natural leaders emerge who make decisions on where a bridge is needed or which lands to plant. The leaders rely on science, people's opinions, question and answers openly shared with all. It is a balanced land where every person is valued and fed and has a say.

** I imagine your mind was bombarded with arguments and how competition would be dealt with, how greedy people will fare against "us". Release those - they are part of our world, not your eutopia. Those values don't need to be considered in this scenario. Read it again if you like. get into the purity and sharing, the acceptance, feel gratitude for every parcel of wheat or iron rock.

Eutopia. How does it feel to you.

This concludes the meditation.

Please feel free to share.

I was interrupted during this meditation and told this fact, from someone visiting Zimbabwe: three eggs cost 100 billion of their currency. Zimbabwe abandoned their currency in 2009.

We are talking about an entire COUNTRY having no valid means to live outside of squalor and mere survival. It is an atrocity of highest order that WE allow this to happen on our planet. Zimbabwe is part of Earth just the same way Israel is, and England, Spain, Belgium, all part of one Earth. it IS our moral obligation to stop this type of division. #oneworld

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