Friday, July 4, 2014

a day in the life of the internet

alarm goes off (tracked - phone)

turn on lights, energy usage increases (tracked - power)

check email (tracked - internet)

leave for work (tracked - automobile tracking, cell phone tracking, road cameras)

stop at McDonald's for some hideous food (tracked - facial recognition cameras, maybe credit card)

arrive at work (tracked - keycards, maybe facial recognition, computer access)

NOW... imagine that there was a Beast of computer that tracked everything. They could simply plug all the information in and create a 3D rendering of YOU. They know where you are, what you're doing, everything. This IS being done right now by American money funded organizations such as NSA. The Beast - an actual computer system capable of doing what I described above TEN years ago. Imagine how much they know and predict now.

Imagine creating a false person. This false person gets paid, someone else collects the money, kill someone and the false person goes to jail.

An internet world is a full step further from reality than we are now.

The internet is also an exceptional tool for the interconnecting of humanity. It serves the perfect purpose to work off karma in a virtual sense, loving across the globe by conversation, killing by video game instead of reality (our current level of perceived physical reality).

We MUST have designers to include the pure, the good, the wonderful aspects of this interconnection: programmers of the world. The Internet world will evolve into it's own separate vibratory reality. The programmers who remain on the outside will be the Gods and the Elite. We need some pure, bodhisattva programmers to allow this next world to spiritually flourish, despite it's innate lessened power to remove karma.

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