Sunday, July 6, 2014

behavioural trends and rooted karma

Here's a thought..

while backing my car out of a parking spot a woman walked directly behind me, completely unaware I was backing up, then stopped.

I "reacted" by mentioning aloud to my daughter "wow, that lady just stopped right behind us!"

WHY the reaction? why do certain things make us react, as opposed to consciously act.

Here's what popped into my head:

could get hurt - - > dangerous - - > fear - - > visualized scene of my mom being deathly scared as I toddled toward a parking lot. Aspects of the scene stood out: even at the very young age I understood there were no cars moving and I wasn't in danger. It rooted a "karma chunk" as I call them in the incoming (rear) third chakra.
As I had this instant vision I released the karma chunk and I have a more pure energy intake.

I resolved karma by doing nearly the exactly opposite, or what was done to me is now being done by me. They cancel each other out - karma chunks are experience and allow us to bring the energies and experiences we need into our lives.

Mom creates unjust fear in me: I create unjust fear in myself. I was looking right at the lady and no one was ever in danger. Maybe I was just trying to control the issue due to that blocked chunk in the 3rd chakra. I did control it but with full awareness which resolves the karma rather than creating a repeating behavioral trend. Imagine we carry around so many of these karmic trends, especially due to fear. We can dissolve them directly by truly feeling and contemplating our actions and perceptions.

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