Thursday, July 3, 2014

Security Chip and the mass theft of credit

I think the world controllers will begin using the term "Security Chip" for the implanted chip we'll all eventually have in order to verify our identity.

I'm actually not going to go into this one much... all the info is trackable, it's all connected to computers worldwide. An all-encompassing file is being built on every single human being, in developed countries and most of our world. The identifier is each person's unique Smart Card Number.

When worldwide credit card hackings and frauds occur (probably unrighteously blamed on Anonymous) there will be public outcry for safety of our information. SO many of the citizens of our world simply follow along mindlessly, not capable of advanced enough thought (for hundreds of reasons) to recognize that a digital future is simply inevitable.

The so-called "they", be it Bilderberg group members, or whomever, own every piece of information about us; and ANYTHING can be faked. Everything is available: eye-scan, fingerprints, voice, image, thought patterns, values, emails, phone calls, education, what we look at on the internet, our schedules, and everything we do at work, home, Starbucks, and in-between. It will be impossible to have a steady money supply without every individual having his or her own identity secure, real-time, in-person... a chip.

Every time you accept the terms and agreements of apps, loans, anything, you are agreeing to let them track you. It's only a very short matter of time, less than 5 years, before we see a worldwide shake-up of the economy and the resultant choice to engage in full tracking or get back to living without the perks we love so much.

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