Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Fundamental Evolution of Humanity

Seeing the stress on a child's face, hoping for some answer to why they just can't focus, why are basic things so difficult?

As humans have developed over the eons we've settled into various emotional spectrums that we consider normal. From these ranges of emotions we've created our modern world - through creativity, necessity, greed, power, community - we feel certain emotions and respond with actions in the material world.

Emotions the population focuses on have become more refined and subtle as we advance. The first willful bi-peds focused on mere survival and instinctual sexual behavior (1st and 2nd chakra), then came individual competition over reproduction and hunting grounds, etc. (2nd and 3rd chakra). Every human has all the chakras, from 1st on up to 7th, and continuing on to 10th as as we reach Universal interconnection and awareness. As we progress as a species we focus less on the lowest emotional genres and more on the higher ones.

We see this in our world by noticing that most of us don't kill or compete for survival anymore - it is, sadly, still a part of our world but it's become less likely you'll need to fight for your life any given day. Sexuality has changed from purely instinctual, to agreed upon, to accepted and even glorified; sex sells, yes? But, we're starting to find respect in sexuality, with openness, fairness, and acceptance of all ranges of interconnection and sexual emotional states. We are still intensely focused on individuality and competition (3rd chakra) and on up.

How is this related to the Autism Spectrum Disorders [ASD]?
As humans ever-so-slightly advance and evolve generation by generation our very nature changes. A child who is born into a household where every person uses a cell phone or computer tablet frequently will be creating the enormous number of neurons associated with an interconnected information system; they will not be learning how to hunt for survival or wield a long sword. Those more survival-based behaviours will still be in there, and easily taught, but they are not generally the predominant brain areas being lit up.

Humanity and our world have been changing enormously in the last few hundred years, with the invention of the bicycle, the car, the telephone, the computer, the internet, space travel, global events. Our predominant chakras are shifting, as a species.

[as a relevant side-note: I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, with focus on NeuroPsychology, and a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology. I have experience working with children with Autism]

The people in our society who have ASD are shifting faster than the rest of us were prepared for. We're seeing this as an extreme of behaviours. We are all seeing these changes but the people with Autism, among others, are already prepared for the next predominant chakra variations for humanity - some higher, some lower. Many, many of us are starting to feel a split coming, something big.

Looking at the directions in which humanity may go can be startling. Some of us are living in an utterly fear-based reality, some in an extreme competition for resources, and some in a need for a return to nature. Certain trends are beginning to surface: the survivalist, the "normal" person, the bodhisattva, the everyone co-exist type; we also find highly imbalanced people who act as reactive change agents (people who carry-out or arrange for mass shootings, people who amass billions of dollars while others starve, etc).

As these trends are followed further into the near future three specific scenarios unfold. The status quo group (chakras (1)/2/3/4/5), the fiercely independent group (chakras 1/2/3/(4), and the innately connected group (chakras (2)/3/4/5/6/(7+).

[Chakra 1 - survival, 2 - sexual, 3 - will, 4 - love, 5 - communication, 6 - psychic communication/dreamland, 7 - spiritual connection]

The status quo group can expect to keep living in a worker environment, perpetually earning fake money and spending it in an endless loop. Our technology will keep increasing to the point of complete data capture, perfect prediction of behaviours, and an inability to have anonymity - a computer-driven tyranny implanted in our arm. The ability to increase human abilities by implanted chips and structures will further evolve this group into an interconnected, computer driven, virtual reality. The subjects will be entirely immersed in the reality and after a few generations the subjects will be completely unaware they are not living in the only, real world.

A second group is the armageddon, zombie killer, survivalist type. They are aware, confident, and over-focused on fear and individual survival.

The third is a spiritual physical community, with psychic ability common, living in-tune with Nature and Spirit. Foster Gamble's Thrive Movement is a wonderful example of the beginnings of this beautiful and healthy trend.

Some people refuse our current society, purposefully or not; some have exceptionally high feelings of empowerment, some are shut off in some way, some have highly noticeable vibrational behaviours (ASD and others), some people have lesser noticeable vibratory variations such as people with ADHD, people with synesthesia, psychics. As we allow ourselves a means to thrive and share, a more subtle peace, a high-speed computer world, a survivalist competition world... we will all fall into one of the three main splits of humanity. Accept all of them, or any other variation you can think of. Find what's best for you and stay authentic.

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