Wednesday, July 9, 2014

on meditation and higher realms

we sometimes find quiet or spiritual places, or nature to access the higher realms. We relax our thoughts and sometimes block out (or accept) sense information (sounds, feelings, memories).

When we progress in meditation we can access spiritually connected realms, astral levels and higher source levels where we can step beyond the earthly body and connections we've made.

When accessing those higher levels we can sense our body as a specific entity, like the tip of a stalactite, while our mind is residing in the cave roof. In this realm we experience karmic ties to one another. [I see them as lines of varying thickness between the "stalactite tips" (I sense individuals as a ball of light for each person or entity).]

So, to recap, while in the highest realms we can feel perfection of acceptance as other Buddhas and higher beings connect lovingly like a vast sheet of subtly vibrating, energized oneness. At this level we can peer upon the earthly connections from afar and utterly see past any reaction to attachment or emotional binds; we sense them as pure karma and purpose. THIS is an exceptional gift as we sense each individual's purpose and meaning and our interconnections without the human individual emotional ties.

Back on the physical level we can use this to an exceptional benefit as we feel every person as a perfect being, supporting our overall journey(s). Loving one another becomes the purity of life, which allows pure acceptance.

From a channeling session I once did, "Until you can give and receive love freely you will not progress forward. This is not a difficult step - begin to look through the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more" ~ Kuthumi.

When we are able to accept all sense input into ourself, without blocking it, as pure Love, we have truly moved beyond the physical realm and into the realm of the bodhisattvas.

Real world translation: Love one another, every person, every moment, and you will achieve perfect bliss.
Also "real world": this won't come easily, even doing this for a moment is an exceptional feat. Attempt to envision the people you love surrounding you with acceptance - imagine the love as static, not grasping love (study attachment if this doesn't make sense).

May you find peace, and your purpose for being.

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