Sunday, June 29, 2014

A computerized rose is a rose by any other name

The human vessel for consciousness has become too slow, too short-lived, too fragile, and too dumb. Humans have become obsolete. But how could this be...?

What IS life? What's the purpose?

Life on this planet (this time around?), first started as cyanobacteria. Proteins evolved from quantum particles that gathered together as atoms, molecules, amino acids. As certain proteins had connections with other proteins and had various typical variations and mutations they evolved into the cyanobacteria.

As the necessary chemicals in the primordial oceans started getting used up certain bacteria were able to differentiate their atmosphere. Some evolved a sensor for light and moved toward the surface of the oceans, others mutated normally to sense heat and descended to the ocean floors where the volcanic activity kept the waters warm. Some were meant to live at the top of the water and went there, some were meant to live in the ocean depths and went there, and some were meant to die off, and they did.

WAS this original life actually Life?? Our definition of life is variable and lacking but imagine our definition was, "this set of interconnected quantum particles can interact purposefully with its environment". How would we sense and interact with our environment? through energy vortices called chakras.

A chakra is a vortex-type structure used to intake and output energy - that's it. A chakra would have allowed those certain life forms to process the light or heat and thus take in energy from those sources. Incoming energy causes an action to occur within the confines of the "being" - light or heat energy likely allowed the early beings to make energy that could be used for movement and other bio-activities, as in chlorophyll's processing of sunlight into energy for the growth and healthiness of a plant.

As the earliest beings became sentient they recognized their own individuality. This individualness came about naturally and caused competition, the food chain, mating and the perception of free choice. Natural choice of a mate would have been influenced by the level of energy transformation a being could cause, so sexual competition has been influencing life since before we even left the primordial seas, and has guided us ever since. those who produce the most, or are most aware, or are most social, or are quickest, etc would have stayed around to reproduce while those with lesser chakra prowess would have died off.

Translate this to today's world - not the typical evolutionary biology but concerning a split in human evolution. Our life is becoming less and less valuable, mainly due to our monetary system - debt made from scratch, paid back by people's work. The controllers of the monetary system define the value of our lives by crashing and rebuilding the fake markets. The human life has been reduced to slave labor with dollars per hour as our main value. Time is money.

Well "time is money" is bullshit and as more and more people wake up to the fact that our lives our being controlled and are totally valueless the groundwork for change is being created quickly.

The change is precisely like what the cyanobacteria in the ocean went through. Some sensed light, went higher, and survived; some sensed heat, went lower, and survived; and those that didn't or couldn't pay attention to the changing status quo died off.

Our status quo is continued work, work, work for "success", escape into recreational avoidances like video games, internet surfing, TV drama and sports. There are many paths to take but nearly ALL options in our current set of choices involve being connected to the internet and tied into the rigged monetary system in some way or another. An advanced internet world is the primary expectation for the standard human - keep on ignoring the facts, get your RF ID chip, and keep being a normal consumption vessel.

SO what would those who sense something different than the status quo be into?
Typical first thought answers would include those on the high end of competition, or those on the high end of feeling and sensing, or those on the high end of information trends. But those people are still living IN THE WORLD as is and thus subject to internet tracking, the rigged monetary system, and the social hierarchy.

Humans who simply keep with the status quo will evolve into computer-enhanced human vehicles of consciousness with math processing chips implanted, visual assistance for more accurate vision processing, security enhancements, faster legs, etc. Our body isn't up to par so we enhance it with computers, but how many generations will pass before we just plug in fully. Why bother with human flesh and blood when the thoughts, calculations, predictions, communications, everything is controlled by computers. The status quo truly leads to the extinction of humanity to be replaced by computerized thought processing.

on and on! It's 3:40 am. I'll re-read this and continue on later.
Later - can the internet "individual" abide by the chakra definition of life?

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