Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Chakras and Our Understanding of Our Place in the Multiverse, part 1

As human individuals we perceive life as a whole, centered around our self like a continuous movie. We have "different hats" and genres of specific labels. We view this as ONE life, our own life, and can't really envision it otherwise, for the most part.

That being said, imagine a single life, your own is fine - divide it into parts: worker, Mom/Dad, sports, some labeled sexual variation, artist. Now imagine how each sub-persona observes and takes in the world. You'll notice quickly that your different variations live in the world in very different ways.

Some parts of you are willful, subservient, angry, defensive, giving, self-absorbed, bossy, loving or calm; we recognize these as part of our one Self because we have been raised to do so. It seems human nature.

If we divide ourself into groups based on the seven main human chakras we can view ourself from a whole different perspective.

The First Chakra, the base or Root Chakra, deals with animal instincts of survival such as hunger and security.
[If you're not already familiar with the idea of chakras please investigate. The idea is many thousands of years old and a core part of Enlightenment Tradition medicine.]

Second Chakra is about sexuality.

Third Chakra, at the solar plexus, is willfulness.

Fourth, Heart Chakra, is about Love and emotional nourishment.

Fifth is verbal communication.

Sixth is mental activity and psychic connection, also called the Third Eye.

Seventh, is our spiritual connection to that which came before us. A higher vibrational level of reality, like a plane or substrate, the 7th chakra is like an umbilical cord to a higher Love.

Because of our need to feel Individual we claim ownership of our awareness of each chakra's interactions and our choices; free choice seems to be a definer of humanness. We have always valued it - but is it real? More on this soon!

The chakra model allows us to label how energy flows into and out of each of us. The chakras carry our blueprints for understanding life's interactions. For example, if we have some early-life trauma (even something seemingly very small from an adult perspective), it can taint our chakra energy in-flow or out-flow in one particular chakra which causes increased energy out-flow in another. This interaction can indicate why feeling lonely causes anxiety, for example - decreased energy flow in the 4th chakra (a cause of loneliness) may increase our "reaching out" with the 3rd or Will chakra creating anxiety or anger. Understanding and balancing these imbalances is a core constituent of human life.

Energy flow in the chakras is very complex but here's the basics: a chakra is a dual-side vortex of intake and outflow. We take energy in from the rear and release it out the front. There are core channels within us that allow the energy to flow between chakras.

Part 2 will explain this in much more easily understandable language. Soon!

* Roberto Assagioli should be credited with the term sub-persona. Although this post is my own writing, from the heart, some of the ideas go hand-in-hand with Assagioli's.

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