Friday, June 27, 2014

thoughts on the evolution and splitting of the human race

thoughts on Reality

Emotions are the means of communication between the realms of Love and purity, where our souls reside before taking on a human purpose, and the material world.

Acceptance and gratitude allow open connection with the higher realms of Love and Creation.

Anger and Individualist perception are the emotional constituents of the lower material realm.

Eventually, and soon, there will be a split between those wishing to compete through individualism and those who wish for peace and ease. The first group will evolve into a Matrix-like virtual reality perceived to be true reality. The latter group will evolve into interconnectedness and psychic Oneness, with individuality as a minor personality aspect.

The World Controllers will remain in power over the Matrix world, gathering information and providing a means to keep the focused individuals busy in their isolation (See my post on a imagining a new technology).

The Interconnection group will strive for empowerment of the masses with valid and appropriate world goals such as quantum energy, space travel, and being part of an inter-galactic alliance.

The evolution and splitting of the human species has already begun. The division, although obvious to some, will be difficult to sense because we live IN the world right now. The world will continue as the Matrix like consumerist/work world with it's fake monetary system keeping the individuals in check. The spiritual group will become an enemy and outcast society as they distance themselves from all-encompassing technologies and targeted as "Domestic Terrorists" or whatever the label of the day is in the media.

The Matrixy world will become more and more "wonderful" with automated driving, worldwide free internet, implanted chips of various types, astounding healing techniques, etc. There will be a dramatic shake-up in the world economy as billions of people get hacked and our money loses all innate value (openly). After weeks of chaos the world government will declare all money activities to be done online and do away with cash money. Individual verification chips will become mandatory and implanted in individuals before they take their first breath. The "Justice" Systems will fail as evidence, videos, locations of individuals, conversations, etc can all be faked instantly.

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