Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the irony of psychic battling

Any psychic will have dealt with some competition in his or her life: people trying to manipulate you, cord you for energy, hypnotise you, energize your chakras. Much of it is simply exploration and treading in the waters of power. The irony though is that people who really thrive in this competition and use psychic cording, etc are actually hindering themselves and the other psychics they meet.


We live in a planet-size, and beyond, field of energy. Someone who tries to "win" is like someone swimming in the ocean and trying to get as much water for themselves as possible.

If you're using psychic energy correctly there is ALWAYS enough.

Think of those typical quotes about sharing: giving a smile is always free, or lighting a candle from another candle doesn't take anything away from that first candle light.

Psychic energy is not some thing "out there", or something you really have to learn; psychic energy is always available, it is our minds that need to quiet in order to sense it and use it. A person fighting or struggling over energy is a direct indication that that person needs to let go of the anger or competition and remain calm.

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