Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Evolving World

Imagine such a technology as this:

A roughly-spherical container-like ride were the experiencers interact with music and dancing. It would progress in four stages: trying to match dance moves of the computer; create your own visual image as the computer mimics your body real-time onscreen; computer makes musical sounds and you match them with your own movements; computer reads your movements and makes sound as you compose your own music.

Further evolutions of the technology include a complete world experience, including movement perception, all within your own capsule.

#NWO #thousandpointsoflight #sacredknowledge #nopatent-(signed)JeraldKendallBland

Can this be a good thing? We have utterly lost our sense of reality - immersed in money-making-for-life, created anxiety for nothing except the right to be governed by fear, ignorance and war. It is time NOW to make our world different. We can easily accept the above new technology or we can retreat into a more spiritual symbiosis with Nature - maybe several groups evolve and are supposed to happen as our species evolves, splitting the mindless followers from the mindful feeling variations to the fiercely competitive.

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