Sunday, June 29, 2014

They know us, they really know us!

as our speed of evolution changes certain words no longer have a valid meaning - words like pay phone, record player, freedom.

One more to add to the list....

"Log out"

there will be no such thing. Our car ignition, computers, home door locks, everything - these will all recognize you! In some grand computer bank all our information will be tracked, digested, stored like it is now, but the information stream won't stop, EVER! This will be accepted as wonderful technology - and it is! It's quite extraordinary. But is it the ONLY way?

In-home access:
Good evening, Mr. Bilderberg, would you like to enjoy a decaf Irish tea or some other beverage perhaps?
Long trip from Chicago - I'm happy Margaret was your First Class Flight Attendant today; I hope your trip was productive. I have your masseuse on call.

These things can already be done.

Next time you download a new game and it asks for your permission to access your bank account, find information about your habits, provide appropriate advertising, access your email, know your location... think for a moment what you are giving up. A grand Beast of a computer KNOWS you better than anyone else in this world does and all that information is being processed.

"They" can predict our behaviours.

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