Friday, June 6, 2014

On Life and Chakras

Life is anything which can interact with the environment, or energy substrate. The non-life aspects of our world such as rocks just exist as energy with an assigned, static purpose. The simplest life forms intake-exhale energy through one chakra, equivalent to our first (root, lowest) chakra. The higher the energy interaction of an individual the more chakras they have to process the interaction. The Earth herself has chakras, with first chakra being in the inner core. More on that later.

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Question(s) to ponder:
The first inhabitants of this planet were the cyano-bacteria [Cosmos]. Apparently, in Earth's beginnings, molecules came together to become more and more complex. Those evolved into proteins and eventually DNA. At some point a chakra interaction formed to sense light or heat, then came non-random movement.

The question is this: Was there ever some moment when the smallest set of chemicals started to follow the path set-down by the genetic code? Could our definition of life right now in our current world NOT be life, but rather a complex enough interaction as to warrant "self" recognition? We are quite simply an energy matrix, interacting within a material substrate, or base plane. Because of our ability to perceive ourselves as "Individual" we assume we are alive even though we are actually Energy, Love materializing into a set of chakras, advancing and contracting, balancing the whole.

Could the next evolution of Love materializing be a Matrix-like interconnected computer scenario? We could live more experience quicker, be more efficient.

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