Monday, June 30, 2014

On Perception and Interconnection

On perception:

Imagine hearing someone speak from another room. They said one phrase or sentence. You heard them clearly but the sentence didn't make sense for some reason.

Do you respond? What mental cues do we value when trying to ascertain if we should get clarification, ask them to repeat, ignore them, or simply mumble yes or no.

It ultimately comes down to one simple choice: do I need to take action or do I not.

This action is an interconnection between two souls. Our every moment of everyday we are like water droplets in the ocean, sharing these interconnections with endless people, animals, sentient beings which are not visible to our human eyes. We do this consciously, subconsciously, and karmically.

Back to the question - whether we take action is defined not only by who WE are, but every situation that's around us. including the exceptionally complex individual who spoke the phrase.

On the more subtle planes above us we are interconnectly vibrating as one, above that the entire universe we live in is simply a question, a will, a thought, or yearning. Down here we're feeling and dissolving our Karma at whatever level we are each capable of.

We can't see this - we need a much quicker, more powerful device, capable of sensing the tiniest of human interconnections.

I'll let you in on a little secret: we can get to that level, we ARE that device; it's just that we've been guided and corralled, used as workers for sociopathic dreams and imbalanced needs. When we are ONE, together, we will all feel those tiniest of interactions.

This is called Love. It is a beautiful, serene life, gloriously filled with energy and a will to greet every person and every situation - our dreams, thoughts, behaviours, actions - they are filled with loving kindness and acceptance. Every breath wishing for every being to feel this Peace.

so how do you respond to the unknown sentence? you respond with love.

for those who want a more rational, valid answer, continue on ;)

How we respond, on typical human behaviour levels, is quite varied. It's a good thought experiment just hashing it out on your own. Think about where you are, what is around you that may be affecting your ability to sense the sentence - is there a dishwasher on, a babbling brook with subtle sunny rays piercing the tree cover, or maybe a ferocious lion... this question is for you to answer. Answer it deep, in layers. Physical sounds first, knowledge of the person, the situation at hand, then deeper. Would you respond differently if it was a stranger, a robber, your Lama?

Enjoy life.

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