Monday, June 9, 2014

Chakra Flow and Evolutionary trends

The idea of the chakra will be a large part of this blog. I'll discuss the purpose, the functions, the shape and energy flow of the chakras, as well as the hardened blocks, shields, and karmic blockages that hold and adjust our lessons and experiences.

Our world is in the throes of evolution. Our population will separate into various groups - as notes on a scale vary in vibration, so will the forms of energy-exchange we call Life. This will be a Primary purpose of this blog: finding your Self and your place in this time of upheaval and re-purposing of Life.

Entire posts will cover the chakras frequently but here's how you may expect the direction to go. Humans have 7 core chakras, and 3 situational chakras. Most people use about 5 of the 7 core chakras regularly and access the other three situational chakras only under certain conditions like dreaming, lucid imagination, meditative states, etc.

Our chakras are tied to large groups of emotional vibrations. The lowest, or Root Chakra, or First Chakra, is involved with fury, survival, certain instinctual/reactive fears, instinctual need for reproduction. The values that created the First Chakra are the ones that let our family lines and evolution happen; they're why we are here today. We survived because of the first chakra behaviors.

The chakras are similar to the specific named tones in music - some sound "right", some don't; some cause a very specific emotional response and some don't. This also works with colors - we decided specific frequencies of color should be named (separate post on this later) but we can find colors between those main group (blue-green for example).

Our chakras vibrate and allow energy flow of a specific range and vibration to enter and exit our Self. The 1st chakra is about ferocity and instinct. The second is about sexuality, release, and free flowing movement. The third focuses on will and power interactions. The fourth, or Heart Chakra, allows love and compassion to flow - this is our most fundamental human chakra and also prone to being blocked through fear of loss and so much more. The 5th chakra, or Throat Chakra, is about communication, the 6th about psychic communication, and the 7th, or Crown Chakra, is about our connection to higher planes (which includes deities and many named Divinity).

My work on chakras comes from a lifetime of sensing auras (structural and emotion), chakras, meridians, different planes. I say this because this is ALL from my heart and personal experiences, among some books here and there. If I look something up I will always source it (Six years of college makes sure you never make the plagiarism mistake!)

Please feel free to share this blog. It's not your everyday information but more people than you know are sensing these changes.

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