Saturday, June 7, 2014

Archetypal resonances

hypnotize me, criticise me
shred my soul and terrify me
dead and back, no heart attack
all your leverage just went slack

This blog will be many things. It will be a work in progress for several months I imagine.

Imagine if someday humanity evolves into a single communal entity, connected by the internet, living out lifetimes in an instant... how utterly incomplete that entity would be if it thought all life strived for money and power. There are geniuses in every emotion, every nuance, every subtle cue or hint. The purity in these archetypal resonances is what I explore and hope to re-produce here.

I'll fill everything in later but for now my name's Jay Bland. I'm 46 years old. I was born to be a Philosopher and ceaselessly, relentlessly strive to find the greatest depths and heights of our emotions and purposes, our interconnections, the Life behind our three dimensions. I'm happy you've found this page!

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